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Tahnoun views the model of the Sheikh Zayed Centre for Desert Environment

Al Ain, Jul 30th, 2009: Ruler’s Representative in the Emirates’s Eastern Region HH Sheikh Tahnoun Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan viewed today the model of the Sheikh Zayed Centre for Desert Environment.

The Centre will be set up soon over an area of 900 hectors within the framework of the world’s deserts project at the Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort.

Sheikh Tahnoun listened to a detailed presentation on the project and its components made by chairman of the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) and Board chairman of the Al Ain Wildlife Park Sheikh Sultan Bin Tahnoun Al Nahyan and other officials.

Managing Director of the Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort Majid Al Mansouri said that the Sheikh Zayed Centre will house a number of halls, exhibition sites and a theatre and will become a centre to explore and research the desert life and its peculiar environment.

The ground levelling has already started for this major global site of learning and the project will start soon, disclosed Al Mansouri.

The project will have all the facilities of a tourist destination including hotels, chalets, villas and several other tourist attractions

Dubai Desert Safari Al Ain Tour

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Emirates Airline becomes world’s largest Boeing 777 operator

WAM Dubai, UAE, 30th July 2009(WAM)–Emirates has become the world’s largest airline operator of Boeing 777 aircraft with the arrival of its 78th Boeing 777 today.


Emirates has another 28 Boeing 777s pending delivery, worth over US$ 7 billion at list prices, and it is also the only airline to operate every model in the Boeing 777 family: -200s, -200ERs, -200LRs, -300s, -300ERs and freighters. The newest addition to the Emirates fleet is a Boeing 777-300ER configured for long distance journeys.

Tim Clark, President Emirates Airline said: “The 777s form the backbone of our fleet, and we have configured these aircraft to give us maximum flexibility in terms of route deployment. Emirates’ 777s today fly to six continents from our Dubai hub, operating routes within a two-hour distance to long-range journeys of 16 hours non-stop.

“The 777 is an excellent aircraft in terms of operating economics, and importantly, the new technologies incorporated within enable us to fit it out with the latest onboard systems and passenger amenities. Emirates is committed to maintaining a young and modern fleet, which enhances our passengers’ comfort and safety and also makes our aircraft some of the most environmentally-friendly in the skies.” “The 777 is the world’s most successful twin-engine, long-haul airplane and Emirates has contributed significantly to the program’s success, both in becoming the now largest 777 airline customer and through its continued feedback on quality step improvements we’ve made to the airplane,” said Marty Bentrott, Boeing Vice President of Sales for the Middle East, Central and South Asia. “With suppliers around the world contributing to and benefitting from 777 production, Emirates’ investment toward building the world’s largest Boeing 777 fleet has played a role in maintaining and strengthening the global aviation manufacturing industry.” Emirates recently completed an upgrading programme for its existing 777 fleet, and now all of its 777 aircraft boast its award-winning ice (information, communication, entertainment) system, which offers passengers in all cabin classes an unrivalled choice of up to 1,200 channels of the latest movies, TV programming, music and games on demand.

The airline’s long-range 777s have also been equipped with its very latest onboard products including private suites in First Class, lie-flat massage seats in Business Class, and ergonomically designed seats in Economy Class.

Emirates received its first 777, a Boeing 777-200, in 1996. Its current 777 fleet comprises: three -200s, six -200ERs, 10 -200LRs, 12 -300s, 45 -300ERs, and two 777 freighters. In total, Emirates operates 137 an all-wide body fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft to 99 cities in 60 countries on six continents.

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Aswaaq launches food supply unit

Aswaaq, a Dubai government-owned company, has announced the launch of ‘Thimaar’, a subsidiary under aswaaq’s umbrella, for supply of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The “aswaaq” project is a new, innovative concept in the world of shopping and retail, based on small, medium and large-sized shopping centres strategically located at the heart of residential areas.

The announcement comes in line with recent statistics showing a 40 per cent increase in the imports of fruits and vegetables in 2007 and 2008, and aims to ensure aswaaq’s strive to provide high quality and healthy products to its various customers, said a senior official.

‘We are pleased to welcome Thimaar onboard as our main fruit and vegetable supplier and we look forward to maintain our growth as a company with them by our side,’ said Abdul Al Basset Al Janahi, chief executive officer and board member of aswaaq.

‘By further raising our standards, Thimaar will play a key role in increasing customer satisfaction levels and ultimately the development of aswaaq as a whole in Dubai,’ he remarked.

Officials at aswaaq have revealed that Thimaar will start supplying fresh produce to its supermarkets in July and will be directly responsible for the consolidation, processing and pre-packaging of fresh produce.

Thimaar will also source superior products through direct import as well as contribute to the local economy by supporting local farmers in the region, they added.

Located in Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 2, Thimaar will be sourcing and selecting superior products from the local market, local suppliers, local farms and direct import.

The company will operate under International procedures and processes, where fresh produce will be handled with extreme care and under the strictest hygienic conditions, Al Janahi noted.

‘Thimaar’s highly experienced team will develop concepts, packaging and a variety of products for the retail sector and will be working with the latest technology to ensure quality and maintain freshness of the produce.’

In addition to supplying aswaaq supermarkets with fresh produce Thimaar also plans to distribute fruit and vegetables to various government bodies, hotels and restaurants in the UAE, he disclosed.

‘To ensure the freshness and quality of the fruit and vegetable sector in Dubai, the Thimaar Distribution Centre will use some of the highest technology systems available to guarantee freshness and a higher level of quality,’ he added.

Aswaaq is currently implementing the latest technologies available to ensure the elimination of every type of airborne bacteria for the best quality and freshness for its produce, said Affan Al Khoori, a member for Thimaar.

‘With the recent HACCP certification that we received and the installation of the AiroCide system, we are looking forward to ensuring maximum control of health and food safety standards in aswaaq and its subsidiaries like Thimaar,’ he added.

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تنظيم مسابقة إعداد القهوة العربية خلال المعرض الدولي للصيد والفروسية

أبوظبي في 28 يوليو/ وام / كشفت اللجنة العليا المنظمة للمعرض الدولي للصيد والفروسية أبوظبي/ 2009/ عن مسابقة /إعداد القهوة العربية على الطريقة التقليدية/ حيث coffee-exhibtionحددت يوم الأول من سبتمبر المقبل آخر موعد لإستقبال المشاركات.

وقال سعيد الكعبي مدير قسم الإنتاج بهيئة أبوظبي للثقافة والتراث ومسؤول المسابقة انه حفاظاً على تراثنا العربي وما تمثله القهوة من مكانة كبيرة عند العرب و دلالة على الكرم وحسن الضيافة يتم تنظيم هذه المسابقة للسنة الثالثة على التوالي لتكون نبراساً للأجيال واستذكاراً للأجداد الذين وضعوا هذه الصروح لتظل ترسم لنا أفقاً ملؤه الأصالة والإبداع.

يذكر أن المعرض الدولي للصيد والفروسية أبوظبي/ 2009/ يقام خلال الفترة من 30 سبتمبر إلى 3 أكتوبر 2009 تحت رعاية سمو الشيخ حمدان بن زايد آل نهيان ممثل الحاكم بالمنطقة الغربية رئيس نادي صقاري الإمارات وبتنظيم من نادي صقاري الإمارات ودعم من هيئة أبوظبي للثقافة والتراث وبرعاية كل من مزرعة سمو الشيخ منصور بن زايد آل نهيان نائب رئيس مجلس الوزراء وزير شؤون الرئاسة للتوليد نورماندي فرنسا وشركة صروح ومجلس أبوظبي الرياضي.

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Abu Dhabi Film Commission Opens Registration for The Circle Conference 2009

Abu Dhabi, 27th July 2009 Abu Dhabi Film Commission, in partnership with Imagenation Abu Dhabi, presents The Circle Conference 2009, a development initiative aimed at creating new filmmaking opportunities in the Middle East.

The Circle Conference brings together top producers, financiers, executives and filmmakers from around the world. The conference will take place from 9th to 11th of October in line with The Middle East International Film Festival in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Film Commission announced today the opening of The Circle Conference accreditation, which is accessible online through the commission website at Entries will be accepted until September 15th.

Through the Circle Conference the international entertainment community comes to Abu Dhabi to share their knowledge with events such as Panel Discussions, Master Classes, Collaboration Lunches and the Shasha Grant Pitch Competition.

“This year’s conference will host special panel discussions including Women in Film, documentary production, Natural History Filmmaking, as well as, Location Filming workshops to promote Abu Dhabi’s various opportunities.

” We aim to present an unforgettable experience to our guests through The Circle Conference” commented David Shepheard, Director of Abu Dhabi Film Commission,”he added.

Last year, The Circle Conference invited top icons from the international film industry as well as a number of top international and regional filmmakers, producers and directors to share their industry expertise and perspectives on current trends with fellow regional filmmakers; among those attending were director Spike Lee, film and television producer and director McG and actor/producer/director Antonio Banderas, all of whom were impressed with the Emirati culture and with Abu Dhabi as a city, and expressed their intention to visit again for business or leisure.

Stefan Brunner, COO Imagenation Abu Dhabi said; “Our association with The Circle Conference is committed to working towards a common goal of establishing and nurturing a successful film industry in Abu Dhabi. Together, we aim to share and enhance knowledge which will further support Abu Dhabi’s ambition to become a leader in content creation.”

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Work shop UAE incorporate latest book numbering codes

Dubai, 26th July 2009 The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development organised today a workshop on the International Standard Book Number to update its employees of the Authorships and Publishing Department and those of cultural centres across the country with the latest world techniques in the field.

Basma Yunis, head of the Authorship, publishing and Translation, said the activity is part of the Ministry’s strategy to develop and train national human resources and equip them with skills, expertise and knowledge which enable them deliver high class services to clients.

Towards this end, she added, a team from the Ministry has recently engaged in a similar workshop in Damascus, Syria.

” Lending attention to book numbering code will help us regulate the publishing sector in the country in terms size and nature of products in comparison with other countries of the world,”she indicated.

According to her, all data concerning international book numbering will be posted on the internet to allow readers, publishers and other interesting persons have access to basic information on the product they want.

”The international book numbering system has become like a passport, a document that man can not dispense of. The code features easy access information about the book and its publisher,”she said.

Sheikha Salim, booking numbering officer at the Ministry Premises in Dubai, said the participants got first hand information on definition of the international book numbering code and its functioning systems.

The workshop, it added, had discussed channels of paying fees of the system through money exchange houses.

”The international code will assist in identifying the UAE product and assessing the local publishing industry against other foreign sectors. This will place the local industry in the right orbit which serves culture and knowledge in the country,”she explained.

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says removing copies of e-books from Kindles was “stupid

Amazon CEO Mr. Jeff Bezos In a statement on Thursday apologized for removing copies of e-books from customers’ Kindle last week, a move from Amazon that angered consumers and forced Amazon to defend what appeared to be arbitrary and controlling behavior.

kindleAmazon’s targets were the books Animal Farm and 1984 by George Orwell, two novels about the horrors of repressive societies.

The company deleted the books both from customers’ Kindles and the Kindle store, where they’d been sold. An Amazon spokesman said the books had been added to the store by a company that didn’t have rights to them and were unauthorized copies.

The irony of Amazon came, when AMazon remotely deleted novels about repression. Although the customers were offered refunds, several were upset for it. “Its  like when Barnes & Noble clerk coming to my house when I’m not home, taking a book I bought from them from my bookshelf and leaving cash in its place,” one customer wrote on Amazon’s Web site. “It’s a violation of my property and this is a perfect example of why people (rightly) hate DRM.”

On Thursday, as Amazon reported quarterly revenue that missed Wall Street’s expectations and suffered a drop in share price of nearly 7%, Bezos was contrite.

“This is an apology for the way we previously handled illegally sold copies of 1984 and other novels on Kindle,” he wrote on Amazon’s site. “Our ‘solution’ to the problem was stupid, thoughtless, and painfully out of line with our principles. It is wholly self-inflicted, and we deserve the criticism we’ve received. We will use the scar tissue from this painful mistake to help make better decisions going forward, ones that match our mission.”

Bezos’ post has received over 250 comments so far.

Some customers also reported losing copies of other e-books on their Kindles, including novels by Ayn Rand and some of the Harry Potter books.

Amazon has promised not to remove books from customers’ Kindles again, although it is not clear whether the company will also change how it monitors the Kindle store for unauthorized works.

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موسم سياحي نشط في أبوظبي يفوق كل التوقعات . من جمال المجايدة

أبوظبي في 24 يوليو / وام / نجحت امارة ابوظبي في تنشيط موسم السياحة الصيفية لهذا العام بفضل الجهود التي بذلتها هيئة ابوظبي للسياحة وهيئة ابوظبي للثقافة والتراث وشركة الاتحاد للطيران وقصر الامارات وسلسلة منتجعات وفنادق دانات والانتركونتيننتال منذ مطلع يوليو الجاري .

ولعبت المهرجانات السياحية العائلية مثل / صيف في ابوظبي / و/مهرجان ليوا للرطب 2009/ والعروض الترويجية الخاصة والجولات السياحية لاكتشاف واحات النخيل وجزر ابوظبي وقلاعها والمحميات الطبيعية في اثراء البرامج السياحية التي وفرت للمصطافين اجواء غير مسبوقة من الثقافة والمرح العائلي حيث يؤكد الاقبال الكبير علي الحجوزات الفندقية والمنتجعات ان السياحة في ابوظبي لم تعد مقتصره علي موسمي الشتاء والربيع فقط بل هي مستمره علي مدار العام .

وفي هذا السياق يشير مسؤولون في قطاع السياحة بابوظبي الى ان الامارة اصبحت مقصدا سياحيا مهما في منطقة الخليج والشرق الاوسط بفضل التنوع السياحي وقدرتها علي تقديم عروض ترفيهية خاصة وانشطة ثقافية وامسيات فنية وموسيقية ومعارض متخصصة وخدمات تنافسية لامثيل لها في المنطقة .

وتميز صيف هذا العام باقبال كبير من العائلات الخليجية لقضاء عطلات الصيف في ابوظبي للاستفادة من خفض اسعار الغرف الفندقية مما ادي الي رفع اشغال الفنادق في الامارة الي اكثر من 75 في المائة وهي نسبة غير مسبوقة في مواسم الصيف بشكل عام .. كما ادي قيام العائلات من مختلف مدن الدولة قضاء عطلاتهم في ابوظبي الي كسر الركود الذي كان يخيم علي مواسم الصيف في السنوات الماضية .

وساهمت العروض الخاصة التي قدمتها فنادق بخفض الاسعار بنسب تصل الي 40 في المئة وتأجيل الدراسة في الدولة الي مابعد عيد الفطر المبارك يوم 23 سبتمبر القادم الي جانب فعاليات مهرجان ” صيف في أبوظبي ” الذي يتضمن عروضا مسلية ومتنوعة ذات مستوى عالمي ساهمت في انعاش الموسم السياحي .

ويقدم فندق قصر الامارات ضمن برنامجه لمكافآت الصيف لعملائه والمقيمين فى ابوظبى عرضا خاصا للمقيمين فى دول مجلس التعاون لدول الخليج العربية للاقامة فى القصر الفخم حتي نهاية شهر رمضان المبارك .

وقالت جانيت ابراهامز مديرة ادارة التسويق والعلاقات العامة في الفندق إن هذا العرض المغرى يتيح فرصة ذهبية للراغبين فى التمتع بتجربة لاتنسى من الرفاهية فى الصيف فى قصر الامارات .

كما طرحت سلسلة فنادق ومنتجعات دانات التابعة للمؤسسة الوطنية للسياحة والفنادق بابوظبي عروضا خاصة لموسم الصيف الحالي وتستمر حتي منتصف سبتمبر المقبل لتنشيط السياحة الداخلية في امارة ابوظبي .

وتتضمن هذه العروض طرح اسعار مع خدمات ترفيهية ورحلات مجانية وتوفير العاب التسلية والمرح للاطفال مع ذويهم لاعطاء العطلات رونقا خاصا في منتجعات وفنادق دانات المنتشرة في امارة ابوظبي .

وتتوقع سلسلة فنادق ومنتجعات دانات اقبالا كبيرا من السياح من داخل الدولة ودول مجلس التعاون الخليجي المجاورة للاستفاده من هذه العروض الخاصة التي تطرح هذا العام بهدف تشجيع سياحة العائلات .

واوضحت ريما الرواس مديرة التسويق في سلسلة فنادق ومنتجعات / دانات / ” ان خطط الترويجية الجديدة لجذب العائلات من داخل الدولة وخارجها لموسم الصيف الحالي تلاقي اقبالا واسعا سواء عبر الحجوزات المبكرة عن طريق الانترنيت او مباشرة مع الفنادق التابعة لنا او وكلاء السفر والسياحة الذي يرتبطون بعقود مع سلسلة دانات “.

وقالت ان الاسعار التي تم الاعلان عنها تنافسية ولامثيل لها لقضاء العطلات الصيفية في فنادق ومنتجعات دانات المنتشرة علي سواحل امارة ابوظبي او وسط كثبانها الرملية الساحرة في المنطقة .

واعلنت سلسلة دانات ان فندق شاطئ الراحة ينظم ضمن العروض الخاصة للسياح زيارات الي نادي ابوظبي للغولف ورحلات سفاري الي الصحراء وجولات يومية مجانية الي مارينا مول وابوظبي مول . كما ينظم منتجع دانات جبل الظنة امسيات جميلة وسط الموسيقي ومشاوي المأكولات البحرية علي الشاطئ للعائلات ويقدم خدمات التدليك لنزلائه علي الشاطئ او في النادي الصحي واقام منطقة خاصة لالعاب الاطفال بهدف ملئ اوقات فراغهم

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Angola travel agents visit Dubai on Emirates flights to Luanda

emirates-at-itbDubai: Representatives from Angola’s travel industry are taking a look at some of the world’s most spectacular mega-projects in Dubai during a visit to Dubai in preparation for the launch of Emirates flights between Dubai and Luanda which will start on October 25.

More than 20 leading travel agents from Angola are in town for a four-day familiarisation trip, courtesy of Emirates Airline.

During the tour, Angolant tour-operators will see some of Dubai‘s architectural wonders and the emerging Dubai Metro.

They will also visit a range of Dubai hotels, shopping malls and restaurants, as well as tourist hotspots such as the Dubai Creek and the souqs.

Nigel Page, Emirates Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations for the Americas and Africa, said: “It’s vital that our industry partners get a real taste of the dynamism and vision of Dubai as a tourist destination and a superb place to do business.”

From October 25, Emirates will operate three flights a week to Luanda on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. A Boeing 777-300ER will be deployed on the route. The flight is approximately eight hours.

Luanda, in the midst of oil-backed growth and tourism-related construction, will be the second new service into Africa for Emirates this year. Flights to Durban, its 17th destination on the continent, start on October 1.

Tours In Dubai  Dubai Desert Safari

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مؤسسة دبي للإعلام تنظم يوما ترفيهيا مع كبار السن في استراحة الشواب

treelplantation-uaeVolunteers join hands begin a campaign of one billion trees in Hurghada

مؤسسة دبي للإعلام تنظم يوما ترفيهيا مع كبار السن في استراحة الشواب

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Tatweer unveils plans for annual “Discover Sharjah Fun Drive”

tatveer-forum-sharjahSharjah, 22nd July 2009: A colourful and adventure-packed 4×4 desert Fun Drive will be organised in Sharjah on December 4, 2009, under the slogan of “Discover Sharjah” to promote the emirate’s competitiveness as well as its historical and cultural landmarks.

The “Discover Sharjah Fun Drive” will be an annual landmark event on Tatweer Forum calendar. The inaugural Fun Drive will start from Sharjah National Park and pass through some important Sharjah landmarks as well as desert landscapes. It will end with a scintillating entertainment program and gala dinner.

“The Discover Sharjah Fun Drive is a reflection of a more visible face of the campaign to promote Sharjah’s competitiveness as well as tourism,” said Mohammed Abdullah Bu Khatir, Vice Chairman of Sharjah Tatweer Forum. “Our aim in organising this fun-filled event is to give people an opportunity to explore the history and culture of Sharjah and experience the excitement of driving through the desert. Entry is open to all, and only 4-wheel drive vehicles will be permitted to take part.” “The route map will be finalized by professional marshals with experience in desert driving. The route will be planned taking into account the cultural and historical sites of Sharjah as well as challenging desert stretches. More than 50 experienced marshals will be on hand to assist and guide the participants. As part of safety precautions, there will be ambulances on standby, along with recovery vehicles and service personnel with GPS tracking,” added Bu Khatir.

The Discover Sharjah Fun Drive will be open to individuals and families in four-wheel drive vehicles only. A maximum of four passengers, besides the driver, will be allowed.

Among the notable participants will be members of Sharjah Tatweer Forum, along with their families.

“Sharjah Tatweer Forum is set to move to the next level of promoting Sharjah as the most competitive place to do business. The annual Discover Sharjah Fun Drive has been designed as a high profile event that will position the Emirate as an attractive business destination, as well as highlight Sharjah Tatweer Forum as a body that will drive the new aggressive strategy for business promotion,” said Bu Khatir.

Formed under a decree issued by H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the UAE Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, Sharjah Tatweer Forum works towards developing the skills and competencies of national youth in Sharjah, building partnerships between the private and public sectors, encouraging entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence in business and administration and ensuring the Emirate’s overall progress.

Hotels in Sharjah Dubai Deser Safaris

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سلطان بن طحنون يفتتح معرض الاسلام عقيدة وعباده

ابوظبي في 22 يوليو/وام/ افتتح معالي الشيخ سلطان بن طحنون ال نهيان رئيس هيئة ابوظبي للثقافة والتراث مساء اليوم بقصر الامارات معرض “الاسلام عقيدة وعبادة”والذي islam-faith-worship-exhibtionيرتكز على جوهر العقيدة وإظهار نواحي العبادة من خلال قطع أثرية يمتدُ تاريخُها على مدى ثمانية قرون وتنظمه الهيئة بالتعاون مع وزارة السياحة والثقافة التركية ويستمر حتى 10 اكتوبر القادم .

وشهد الافتتاح معالي سلمى علية كواف وزيرة الدولة في تركيا وسعادة محمد خلف المزروعي مدير عام هيئة ابوظبي للثقافة والتراث وسعادة اورهان دوزغون المدير العام للمتاحف الوطنية في وزارة الثقافة والسياحة التركية وسعادة حقي عقيل السفير التركي لدى الدولة وعدد من الدبلوماسيين وحشد كبير من المسؤولين والاعلاميين والمهتمين بالفن الاسلامي.

وتجول معاليه والحضور في المعرض الذي يضم/ 161 / عملا فنيا اختير من ستة متاحف تركية بالاضافة الى المكتبات الوطنية حيث يعرض بعضها للمرة الاولى ..كما يعد المعرض الأول من نوعه من حيث التصور والتميّز في أسلوب العرض.

و اكد معالي الشيخ سلطان بن طحنون ال نهيان رئيس هيئة ابوظبي للثقافة والتراث في تصريح له بهذه المناسبة ان دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة حققت على مدى العقود الماضية منجزات حضارية شاملة وضعتها فى مصاف الدول العصرية المتقدمة بفضل حكمة المغفور له بإذن الله تعالى الشيخ زايد بن سلطان آل نهيان.

واضاف معاليه ان هيئة ابوظبي للثقافة والتراث تضطلع اليوم بدور أساسي في التنشئة والتوعية الثقافية والفكرية المتكاملة وفي فتح آفاق الإبداع والعمل على تشجيع حوار الثقافات بالتوازي مع تنفيذ استراتيجية الحفاظ على التراث الثقافي لإمارة أبوظبي والمرتبطة بثقافة الآباء والأجداد وقيمهم وأخلاقهم وعقيدتهم وانتمائهم العربي.

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“Islam: Faith and Worship” Exhibtion inaugurated in Abu Dhabi

islam-faith-worship-exhibtionABU DHABI, July 22nd, 2009: Sheikh Sultan Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) on Wednesday inaugurated The “Islam: Faith and Worship” exhibition at Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

161 rare Islamic artifacts including the sword of Muawiyah, the Umayyad Caliphate; an embroidered Kaaba curtain that has not been moved in centuries and a replica of the Prophet Mohammed’s footprint are being put on display at the “Islam: Faith and Worship” exhibition for the first time in Abu Dhabi and the first time outside Turkey. Most of the pieces are from the Topkapi Palace Museum and the Turkish and Islamic Arts museum, both in Istanbul.

The pieces were chosen through a committee of curators and followed not only the story of Prophet Mohammed but of many aspects of faith and worship in Islam.” “Islam: Faith and Worship” has been organized following an agreement signed between Turkey and Abu Dhabi last July to promote the sharing of cultural resources, particularly those concerning Islamic heritage.

Turkish State Minister Selma Aliye Kavaf, the Turkish Ambassador to the UAE Hakki Akil, Director General Directorate General for Cultural Heritage and Museums Ministry of Culture and Tourism Dr Orhan Duzgun, Director General of Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH), other senior Turkish officials and a host of diplomats and Islamic art enthusiasts.

The exhibition is an unprecedented approach to displaying the objects, presenting them as part of a storyline that encompassed many aspects of faith.

sheikh-sultan-bin-thanoonIn a speech at the inauguration ceremony, Sheikh Sultan said the UAE has made comprehensive civil achievements over the past decades, placing the country among the ranks of modern developed countries, thanks to the wisdom and patience of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, God bless his soul.

“As part of implementing the plan of our wise leadership and its sound vision, in setting a course and a strategy for comprehensive development in the country, the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage today plays an essential role in building a comprehensive intellectual cultural awareness, opening up prospects for innovation, and working to promote cultural dialogue.

This is in parallel to the implementation of a strategy for the preservation of the cultural heritage of Abu Dhabi, linked to the culture of our forefathers, their values, morals, faith and Arab identity,” he added.

A number of gold items are among a collection of Islamic artefacts that have gone on display at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.

Running until October 10th, the Islam: Faith and Worship exhibition draws on a range of treasures spanning eight centuries. These items are normally only seen in museums in Istanbul and were chosen to depict the history and practice of Islam.

Among the gold objects on show are 16th century gold locks etched with holy texts and a gold finial from the top of a processional flagpole featuring a cutaway pattern, the National reports.

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JW Marriott Dubai offers STAY 2 and get 3rd night free

jw-marriott-dubaiDubai JW Marriott announces their very special package for this summer. Starting from now till 19th September you can STAY 2 NIGHTS AND GET THE 3RD NIGHT FREE ON EXECUTIVE ROOMS AND SUITES

Additionally The JW Marriott has announced special offer for families whereby all Kids will have exclusive access to the JW Kids Club including:

– VIK (Very Important Kids) Club Pack including Kidzania Fun Zone access card
– Kidzania Fun Zone Access located in the JW Town Square – games, entertainment and fun for all
– Complimentary meals for all kids under the age of 12 in Market Place and Bamboo Lagoon

 The above rates are quoted in UAE Dirhams per night.
 The above rates are commissionable.
 The above rates are subject to 10% service charge and 10% Municipality Fees.
 One night no show charge is applicable.
 Rates are based upon availability at the time of booking.
 Executive Rooms and Suites include FREE continental breakfast, access to Executive Lounge and FREE Airport Pick-up

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MoE, NMC tackle intellectual piracy

Abu Dhabi, 20 July 2009 Ministry of Economy (MoE) with National Media Council (NMC) in Dubai  organised a seminar on the ways to deal with intellectual piracy here in Abu Dhabi.

The issues discussed in the workshop included techniques to identify fake and imitated artworks, and illegally copied computer software, CDs and other material violating federal law no. 7 for 2002.

In line with this, the Department of ‘Media Content Tracking’ at the National Media Council held training seminars for 21 employees from the Minsitry including practical and theoretical activities.

Abdullah Al Hussein, Director of the Censorship Department at the Ministry of Economy, reiterated the ministry’s commitment to accelerate efforts to curb piracy.

He said that more workshops will held on this topic, noting that such activities will contribute to enhancing expertise sharing and coordination between concerned federal and local bodies. He said that the ongoing initiatives will help in developing efficient control tools compliant with the latest global systems and practices.

Al Hussein, added: “This move will ensure strengthening our country’s stature as a referral point for intellectual ownership rights in the region at the same time positioning the UAE globally amongst the most developed countries from both legislative and executive perspectives.” Jumaa Obaid Al Leem, Director of the ‘Media Content Tracking’ Department at the National Media Council, who supervised the training seminars said, “We are keen to share our extensive expertise and learning with the MoE inspectors. This is part of executing a practical partnership plan to ensure coordination and cooperation in undertaking joint projects.

It will allow other governmental bodies to benefit from previous experiences thus contributing to improving performance and achieving excellence.” The practical activities included training the employees on how to identify fake art works, modern forgery techniques, as well as exercises on market raids. It discussed legal framework for raids and seizure procedures in addition to police forces rights. The theoretical side focused on ways to implement federal law no. 7 for 2002.

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