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Lack of Unity among Arab States on Gaza

Although the newspapers have been giving different viewpoints on why the Arab Leaders are not successful in saving the innocent Palastinians. There are many causes for this one may be the very fact that the Hamas was orignally a brainchild of Israel secondly their strong relations to Iran are also some of the reasons that Arab leaders are not able to unite on one stance. WAM DUBAI reported today , Jan. 16th, 2009: that a local UAE paper today slammed what it called “the great display of disunity among Arab countries with regard to the current onslaught in Gaza as disgraceful.

“In fact, the stark divisions in their opinions reflect a disappointing stance at a time of grave crisis. Gaza simply could not tolerate any of these divisions” said the Gulf News in an editorial.

According to the paper, the multiple (emergency Arab) summit propositions do not reflect the true stand of the people in the Arab world. “They do not represent the mass voices of protest that have been expressed in all Arab countries. The Arab street stands in full support of Gaza and its people, expressing strong condemnation of the Israeli attack.

Yet the sharp disagreements on when and how to convene a summit reflect a bitter reality, remarked the paper adding that “Arab regimes are advancing their own respective agendas. Hence, each party is deciding either to attend or boycott a summit based on whether the meet would support individualistic purposes rather than bring about an end to the horrors in Gaza.

Arab governments, it said, still remain isolated from their people, and never in history have they disagreed so starkly on the convening of a summit. In fact, across the Arab world, policies of the regimes have just kept widening the gap between those who are in positions of power and the people.

“No major steps have been taken to facilitate participation of the people in governance – let alone having an input or a say”, the paper continued. This has continued to be the case regardless of the fact that changes on the global scene have brought about dramatic transformations in terms of democratic practices and participatory elections.

“If the situation in Gaza is to be brought to an end, Arab regimes have to closely listen to the voice of their people”, concluded the Gulf News.


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