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Dubai Poetry Festival From March 4th 2009

The Dubai poetry festival will be held from March 4 to 10 at the Madinat Jumeirah, and other locations in Dubai. A series of in-depth discussions and poetry recital sessions are set to broaden the scope of the event and assist in reviving the literary tradition that has been the mainstay of the region for several millennia.

The main topics of poetic discussion during the Festival will include ‘Women’s Poetry: Widening Horizons’, ‘Prose Poem: Space for Innovation’, ‘Poetry or Novel Conflict: Rhythm of Change’, ‘Language in Thousand Tongues: Obsession of Common Poetry’, and ‘Poetry Translation: a Risky Endeavour’.

The Festival will also host dedicated seminars comprising sessions on analysing the various aspects of poetry, and identifying how they complement, define and contribute to the creativity of poetry and other forms of literary works such as novels and plays.

Jamal Bin Huwaireb Al Muhairi, Chairman of the DIPF Organizing Committee, said: “During the Festival, we aim to offer a platform that will facilitate critical analysis of literary works and enable the free exchange of ideas. Such interactions will unravel the hidden artistic concepts of the poet and his or her works while enriching the participants and throwing additional light on the depth of creativity.”

Event First Annual Dubai International Poetry Festival – 2009:
Dates: 4-10 March 2009
Venues: Various locations will host the activities of the Festival including:
Madinat Jumeriah
Dubai World Trade Centre
House of Poetry, Dubai
Community Clubs in Dubai
Various universities in the UAE


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