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E-books set to gain critical mass among public

E-book manufacturer Boeye Technology sees rapidly growing mainstream appeal for its products and is looking to collaborate with media and education companies in the region.

The China-based company is aiming for a commercial launch of its affordable, super-slim e-reader E510 in November this year, Deputy General Manager Forrest Zhang tells GITEX Times.

“The hardware is ready, but we are still adjusting the software. The software now is not the perfect version,” he says.

Only 7.5 mm thick, the new model will be one of the slimmest e-readers in the world, but still boasts a 5-inch display based on electronic paper which has 800×600 pixels of resolution.

Like with most other e-readers, the screen is made of electronic ink, also known as E-ink. The material’s low power consumption means that the batteries last around two weeks, only using energy when the book’s pages are turned.

The E510 will launch commercially in November and the price will be around $180, but may be adjusted according to response from consumers and vendors.

Ebook Prices could fall further if there was more competition between the screen manufacturers, Zhang says, with only two companies in the sector.

“There are only two screen suppliers for E ink. The cost of the screen is more than 50% of the entire cost,” he says.

Boeye is currently looking to collaborate with media companies and other institutions with an interest in lowering printing costs.

“We want to collaborate with media companies, such as newspapers and magazines,” he says.


  1. I don’t think I will ever own another book, the Kindle is that good.

    I would like it if the Kindle could have a ( refer a Friend ) network. you could have your friends that read the same type of book as you read and you could simply send a message from the Kindle directly to them on their Kindle with a sample of the book. You could offer some sort of discount or reward points if that person buys the referred book. You could use your discounts or points to purchase new books on the Kindle.


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