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Watani launches Al Mutahida campaign to commemorate national day

Dubai, 4th Nov. 2009: In an initiatives to highlight the concept of unification among the people of the UAE, Watani, the National Identity Program, launched Al Mutahida, a campaign that encapsulates the ambitions and achievements shared by the people of the UAE.

“Mutahida”, meaning ‘United’, also marks the essence of the UAE experience in the past 38 years and the shared destiny of the people in the UAE realized by the efforts of leaders and people of the country to achieve the aspirations of the nation.

Organised in association with Emirates Post, Emirates Association for Fine Arts ‘&’ Tahskeel arts center, the campaign features a greeting postcard addressed to H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE President; H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai and the Members of the Supreme Council and Rulers of the Emiraes, expressing a heartfelt greetings and a commitment by the UAE residents to uphold their vision of turning the UAE into a contributor to the world peace and prosperity.

Watani will also organize Al Mutahida art competition and exhibition in coordination with Tashkeel and the Emirates Association for Fine Arts. The competition will engage young and talented artists in the UAE to present their personal artistic interpretation of the word “Mutahida” reflecting its true significance and the underlying principles and values of the UAE union. A judging panel will select the submissions to be exhibited alongside the works of renowned artists at the Al Mutahida art exhibition to be held at The Dubai Mall from Nov. 26 to Dec 5, 2009.

Ahmed Al Mansoori, Director General of Watani, launched the Al Mutahida campaign in Dubai. He said: “Watani is trying to bring about the spirit of the UAE union .” He explained: “Today, we work to uphold the principals and values that led to the greatest achievements of the Emirati people and will pave the way for us to become one of the greatest nations. Our future lies in the foundations on which the union was established; a shared destiny and a shared effort to achieve it.” The postcard campaign is launched in association with Emirates Post. The postcards, which will be available at all Emirates Post centers, will also be distributed through various local and federal institutions across the UAE. All UAE residents are encouraged to get a copy of the postcards and mail them to the UAE’s leaders in a mark of solidarity.

Watani will also organize visits to the federal and local departments in the UAE to share with them the renewal of loyalty to the leadership by giving them Union symbols such as the UAE’s constitution, the UAE flag and photos of the national flag first being raised at Union House.

Iman Al khaja, Director of Marketing Department at Emirates Post, said: “Our support to the special post card highlights the importance of these initiatives that express the faith of our nation in the leadership. Emirates Post is committed to support cultural and national institutions such as Watani. We are committed to serve the society and to preserve national integrity through our post cards that highlight our heritage and history”.

H.E. Khalil Abel Wahed, Director of the Board of Emirates Association for Fine Arts, said: “This partnership with Watani is a good example of the integration across various social levels. Al Mutahida opens doors for artists to showcase their creative expression about Al Muathida and the UAE union. I thank Watani on the efforts to further strengthen the national spirit and loyalty.” At the function to launch the campaign, Al Mansoori described the wordings in the post card that express loyalty and love to the nation. The participants endorsed their loyalty on the cards that will be sent to the UAE leadership.


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