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Corniche Cruises – a great way to appreciate Abu Dhabi

Translated from the local language, Abu Dhabi means ‘father of gazelle’. In 2007, Fortune Magazine voted the city as the richest in the world and it is also the home of the Emarati Royal Family. With history dating back more than 3,000 years, and its roots stemming from fishing and nomadic tribes, Abu Dhabi is hardly recognizable from when they discovered oil over 50 years ago. Sunny clear skies are evident all year through, with the weather being cooler from November to March. Water sports are a great tourist activity on Lulu Island while the surrounding desserts will capture your heart while you are on safari or give you some heart pumping action when doing some off road driving in a 4WD. Watching camel races or going on a camel ride is also another popular tourist activity whilst in Abu Dhabi.

Another popular activity that tourists partake in is cruises on the Corniche. Prices range from being as affordable as AED 80 to luxury liner cruises, where one can book an entire boat for a duration that you please. The most traditional form of cruise available on the Corniche is one that is taken on a local boat called a dhow. These traditional boats are beautifully decorated and a typical cruise will include a light meal as well. The Corniche is home to many attractions, such as parks, palaces, hotels and fountains. Cruises can be taken either during the day or at night, whilst during the day one can appreciate all the attractions around, and at night the cityscape is bathed in lights makes for some picture perfect moments.

A tourist can easily partake in a scenic Corniche cruise from the famous Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi that sits just along the Corniche stretch. A popular choice amongst Abu Dhabi hotels for both business and leisure, guests of this fabulous 5 star hotel will enjoy the great comforts, seamless service and excellent facilities.

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