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Dubaiseeker – Dubai’s #1 Information Hub

DubaiSeeker – Dubai’s #1 Information Hub

DubaiSeeker is Dubai’s ultimate source of live and up-to-date information to all Seekers and Dubai’s intelligent & reliable online gateway. DubaiSeeker is the home of Dubai Search, Dubai Directory, Dubai Classifieds, Dubai Community, Dubai Information and Dubai Handy Resource to Dubai’s global stakeholders. DubaiSeeker is “the” portal and information hub for anyone who has anything to do with Dubai over the web. The all-in-one portal is developed and driven by DubaiSeeker users and directed towards its audience’s demand and self-motivation.

DubaiSeeker is a product of TechXact FZ LLC located in the heart of Dubai Internet City. TechXact, a leader in core infrastructure, data center, wireless, software and creative information technology solutions launched, to revolutionize the way Dubai Seekers seek information.

DubaiSeeker is composed of seven main elements:

1. Dubai’s First Dedicated Local Search

DubaiSeeker search is a Search Engine powered by Google’s Custom Search, to be Dubai’s first Local Search Engine. A world class web search engine, powered by Google’s Custom Search enabling web users to limit their search results to quality data only. Using world’s best search engine (Google) and its advanced search algorithms, Dubai search is made easy by searching for quality and Dubai specific results.

2. Dubai’s Intelligent Business Directory

DubaiSeeker directory hosts Intelligent Directory Listing for businesses and organizations in Dubai. Enterprises can be listed in DubaiSeeker Directory with their complete trade name, contacts, corporate profiles, logo & icon as well as website addresses. Seekers can browse through the directory through well-structured categories that are industry-specific to Dubai. Seekers can also utilize the robust search facility to find companies by category/industry as well as geographic locations within Dubai or choose to view results by selective alphabetic order.

3. Dubai Classifieds

DubaiSeeker Classifieds offers absolutely FREE, robust and easy post and search capabilities to DubaiSeekers and provide a luxurious convenience for anyone who has a product or service to offer to millions of potential buyers and sellers online. DubaiSeeker delivers an unmatched opportunity to interact with the prospective audience, simply and free of cost to both sides. Posts are done hassle-free and free of cost in just a few minutes and make their offerings available to enormous online traffic, while buyers are also free to communicate to sellers without any buriers or complications, again absolutely free.

DubaiSeeker Classifieds presently premiers Dubai Real Estate (buy, rent or share), Dubai Jobs (permanent or temporarily), and Dubai Cars (buy or rent). Seekers can also post/browse through thousands availabilities in categories such as: Appliances, Boats & Yachts, Books, Computers & Electronics, Cars & Bikes, Collectibles, Furniture, Instructors, Jewelry, Lost & Found, Musical, Pets, Tickets & Events, Sports Equipment, Tools, Logistics & Transport, Shoes & Clothes, Wearing Accessories, Food & Dining, Gifts & Flowers, Celebrations, Fashion & Beauty, Toys, and Services.

4. Dubai’s Interactive & Live Forums

DubaiSeeker Forum is now featuring live, free, valuable and extremely useful updates on Dubai’s Health, Education, Food & Recipes, Tours & Tourist, Business & Finance information of Dubai. All educational, business, health, sports, tourism & dining and all their associated institutions, organizations and enterprises and markets will be crosschecked and verified against live customer feedbacks of regular people and individuals who have real exposure to such topics.

DubaiSeeker Forum is a unique and attractive community providing a distinctive, informative, useful, entertaining, updated and healthy community for its members. DubaiSeeker Forum, unlike many other communities, is dedicated to expand and grow through its loyal members, rather than dictating and imposing an environment upon its visitors. Therefore, it provides an opportunity for talented individuals to become live speakers and showcase their capabilities and passion. The forum creates a platform for industry experts, gurus, professionals, enthusiasts, as well as students, parents, and regular individuals to interact with each other on open sessions and interchange information as a hubby, gradually becoming a necessity to stay informative and updated.

The notion of age-group members was also embedded to DubaiSeeker’s philosophy. Hence, the portal also provides mobile related goodies like themes, ring tones, wallpapers and applications for mobile phones and also features a complete set of high-quality wallpapers for PCs.

5. Dubai Community

DubaiSeeker offers a convenient norm for ethnic and demographic communities in Dubai to have cultural and bilateral communication and interaction with each other. Through this portal, UAE Nationals (locals), Americans, British, Germans, Persians (Iranians), Indians, Pilipino, other Arabs as well as other nationals can communicate with each other and interact.

6. Dubai Information

DubaiSeekers offers easy access to Dubai’s Vital Information & Contacts such as Flight Schedules, Pay Traffic Fines, Pay DEWA Bills, Pay Etisalat Bills, Dubai Emergency Numbers, Dubai Hospitals & Clinics, Vehicle Guides, Dubai Tour Operators, Dubai Theatre Numbers, Visa Information, Dubai Guide, Dubai Government Numbers, Airline Numbers and more. Dubai Information offers Dubai seekers full range of handy and useful information to enhance their interaction with Dubai.

7. Dubai’s Handy Resources

Up to the minute Weather Forecast, Currency Converter, Stock Market News, Arabic Sentence of the Day, are among the handy resources available to DubaiSeekers. DubaiSeeker provides live updated handy resources to its members and visitors to ease their seek and save their time.

DubaiSeeker is provided to offer convince, communication and progress to the stakeholders of Dubai. It is to be developed and enhanced by Seekers themselves through their inputs, commitment, passion, loyalty and notion of deserving to have an all-in-one information hub for Dubai.

DubaiSeeker – Dubai’s #1 Information Hub


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