Lulu Island – Abu Dhabi’s slice of paradise

With a distinctly Arabian flavour, Abu Dhabi introduces itself to the world as the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai maybe the more jubilant and over-enthusiastic neighbour of this nation, never the less, Abu Dhabi serves as a good place to visit for those of us who do not have a deep seated desire to go clubbing every night. The dining, entertainment and shopping venues are just as great, and the people are just as friendly and warm. Just as little as 50 years ago, Abu Dhabi was a fishing village with Bedouin tribes living across the dessert lands, with the discovery of oil, this city has gained exponentially in wealth and chosen carefully when making its investments. With the spurt in growth, the country still remains true to its roots and values their seas and desserts.

One of the best things to do while living in Abu Dhabi or visiting it, is to go to Lulu Island. A popular tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi, Lulu Island is man made and covers an area of 1050 acres. Opened in 2007 by the government, this recreational and leisure park is a great escape in to a world of fun, frolic and entertainment for the whole family. Beach front of the island ensure plenty of water sporting activities, cafes and cafeterias serve a wide array of cuisine to suite just about every pallet, while horse and camel riding is also a plausible option. Two artificial fresh water lakes provide a great place for a picnic or to go paddle boating. Still under development, Lulu Island will host a wide variety of other thematic areas with wildlife, fun rides and accommodation.

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