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Seen and Heard: A Century of Arab Women in Literature and Culture

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How are Arab women seen by others? How do Arab women see themselves? New York University professor Mona Mikhail’s new collection of essays casts a wide net over literature, film, popular culture, and the law in order to investigate the living, often rapidly changing, reality of Arab women and their societies. Whether she examines Egyptian film, contemporary rewritings of the Sherazad story, or women in North African novels, Mikhail sheds valuable light on the role of Arab women within Islam and within the Arab world.

Seen and Heard: A Century of Arab Women in Literature and Culture


  1. This is a timely and much needed work to better understand the role and status of women in contemporary arab society. It gives great insight into contemporary culture and the writings of leading arab authors. A must!!
    Rating: 5 / 5


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