Living in… Dubai

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A complete directory and travel guide based around on-the-ground realities, informing the new resident and the business traveller of all aspects of life in Dubai. From the once quiet fishing village known for its pearl trade to the stunning city of today, Dubai proves anything is possible. Dubai has it all: the best in luxury resorts, modern amenities and attractions, a sublime landscape of beaches, deserts and mountains, as well as the world s tallest tower, the largest aquarium and mall, and the first refrigerated beach. Call it excessive or innovative, land of contrasts or human masterpiece, if this is where you plan to live, Living in… Dubai will help you explore the city and make it your own.

Living in… Dubai

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  1. Living in… Dubai

    I am moving to Dubai and have therefore bought every guide book available on the market. After meticulously going through all of them and finally visiting Dubai this past Christmas vacation, I can honestly tell you that this is THE BEST GUIDE BOOK BY A LANDSLIDE. It has ZERO ADS and is completely objective. It has everything you need and want to know. And, the best part, the author is FUNNY !! Funny when you read the book, even funnier when you arrive in Dubai and things actually happen as described. I wasted a lot of money on all of the other books… wish I had bought this one right from the word get go.

    Enjoy this book and enjoy Dubai !
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Living in Dubai is a refreshing change to the ever increasing number of travel books on Dubai. After moving to Dubai over a year ago, I was recommended this delightful book. Beautifully presented, well indexed, full of factual information and useful tips on surviving in an emirate that is constantly changing! Most importantly it also works as an excellent guide book for all the visitors that pop by!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. I used LIVING IN….DUBAI as my guide for a recent trip and it was the most relevant and helpful guide I have used to date. The information was current and up to the moment, and the tips for adjusting to Dubai were the most useful. In addition, the suggested shopping, restaurants, and sights were the best reccomendations I received prior to my trip. The information regarding a move to Dubai was so specific and informative, that i have given the book to a friend of mine who is moving there this month. I suggest anyone with an interest in Dubai, a planned trip there, or anyone moving to the Emerites take this book along as it is certainly teaches you all there is to know about Dubai!!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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