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Peace Sign Magnet of United Arab Emirates by MEYOTO

  • Show Your Colors and Speak Your Mind
  • Unite people who share a common goan and point of view.
  • Assortment of colorful tie dye hear and checkered racing flag car magnets
  • Measures 5.5 in (14 cm) diameter and suitable for indoor and outdoor uses
  • Also available in removable decal (perfect for laptops) and window

Product Description
As a general rule most people aspire to live in peace, whoever and wherever they are. The MEYOTO is designed to express this point of view and the affiliation of its owner in a unique and artistic style. The purpose is to unite like-minded individuals into a single voice on a global scale from neighborhoods to cities to regions to countries around the globe.

Peace Sign Magnet of United Arab Emirates by MEYOTO


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