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Slavery, Terrorism & Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat

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A fascinating, well illustrated and thoroughly documented response to the relentless anti-Christian propaganda that has been generated by Muslim and marxist groups and by Hollywood film makers. As Karl Marx declared: “The first battlefield is the re-writing of history!” “Slavery, Terrorsim and Islam” is an eye opening, positive and practical handbook to empower you to respond effectively to the challenge of Islam today.

Slavery, Terrorism & Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat


  1. Why so expensive? I wonder how much the hardback edition costs.

    I would buy this book if it were priced like any other similar work.

    Perhaps it’s a textbook, and therefore the price is jacked up because most students are rich.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Allows one to see the salvery issue in a whole different light.

    80% of the slaves went to the Middle East and the EU. 15% to the Caribean and only 5% if slaves ended up in the USA….Facinating.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. If you were to invest in one book about Islam…this is the one. I started researching about the Muslim belief system in earnest since 911. I have read books and viewed media and have come to the knowledge that Islam is a religion that will not be satisfied until it has world dominance. This book tells the whole truth about Islam. It comes from the perspective of Peter Hammond, a white African, who has lived among the oppression of the Islamic belief system. He himself has been imprisoned and threatened with his life for his speaking out of this truth through ‘Frontline Fellowship’ the name of his agency. This book explains the history of what was actually the first crusade, the brutality of the slave trade with interesting facts about America’s involvement. It describes in great detail about the types of terrorism used to force people into the Islamic belief system. It tells of the destruction of whole countries and peoples once Islam has gained the seat of power in government. My only complaint is that when I wanted to buy more copies of this book from Amazon there was only one used copy for $460!?!? I then went to Frontline Fellowship’s website and found they have brand new editions of this book for $10 a piece!!…Amazon, what’s up with that?
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. I found this book to be most informative. The data collected is well documented throughout. Dr Peter Hammond walks the walk and is heavily involved in reaching the unsaved muslims in the most remote places, so his hands on knowledge and love for the unsaved is unprecendented.

    The book carries a lot of historical weight about the start of the Islamic religion and its propagation throughtout the world. The book also has a glossary of terms and maps which those new to the religion would find useful.

    The only reason I am giving in four stars and not five is because of some editorial mistakes (but I did get one of the earliest copies).

    But I will undoubtedly use this book as a reference tool in further research.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. “Slavery, Terrorism, and Islam” is now in its second edition.

    Although written from a Christian Missionary perspective, the text is useful for secular analysts researching a civilizational force on the march.

    Unlike the academics who debate whether a clash of civilizations is even in progress, Hammond, writes from the perspective of one decisively engaged in that civilizational fight.

    His area of emphasis is Africa, Nigeria and the Sudan. He starts with the strategic perspective (Islam as a doctrine) and drills down to specifics: Islam’s hostilities with the non-Islamic world in general and Christianity in particular. He specifically addresses jihad, women’s issues, slavery, and the strategies and techniques of modern day Islamic expansion. Significantly, although this text is written from a religious (Christian) perspective, there is abundant material for secular researchers dissecting an aggressive ideology.

    Hammond, who is located in Africa, brings a remarkably fresh perspective on the issue of Slavery. At a time when Slavery is assessed as an American birth defect with the finger of political correctness pointing at Washington as a slave owner, Hammond reminds us that Muhammad, the founding father of Islam, was a slave owner, and that under Islamic stewardship, slavery became a highly developed, civilizational-level, industry that, over 14 centuries, drained Africa of an estimated 140 million people. Islam was the procurement and trafficking institution for 15th Century Spain, 16th Century Portugal, 17th Century England, and 18th Century American slavery and was a self-producing consumer of slavery throughout the Islamic world into the 21st century. Hammond reminds us that slavery was formally abolished in Saudi Arabia only in 1962 and yet continues in the 21st century (See “Slave: My True Story”, by Mende Nazer describing her 1992 capture and 2002 escape).

    Slavery, Terrorism and Islam is a slim volume that is an invaluable desk reference and primer for analysts addressing Islam as an ideological force. The contents of Hammond’s second edition is described below.

    “Slavery, Terrorism, and Islam” by Peter Hammond


    1. The Scourge of Slavery

    Contrasts in Captivity

    The Absence of Arabic Abolitionists

    The pagan Origins of Slavery

    The Christian Roots of Liberty

    The Islamic slave Trade

    An eyewitness Account

    Christian Slaves- Muslin Masters

    The European Slave Trade

    The American Slave Trade

    The African Slave Trade

    Wilberforce’s War

    Set Free to Serve Christ

    Livingstone’s Travels

    A Trade in Human Misery

    Sharia Law and Slavery

    Slavery Today

    The Law of Liberty

    2. Uprooting Terrorism.

    Terrorism’s Missionary Vision

    A Global Agenda

    “Africa for Islam”

    Understanding Jihad

    Ouranic Roots of Jihad

    The Benefits of Jihad

    Sharia and the House of War

    The Many Faces of Jihad

    Jihad and “The Crusades”

    Jihad and Colonialism

    Jihad and Slavery

    The Sudan Connection

    Jihad Against Christians

    A Christian Response

    Preparing for Eternity

    3. Resisting Sharia in Nigeria

    Christians Persecuted

    The Islamic Agenda

    “All the Christians Must be Shot”

    Churches Burned, Christians Murdered

    Africa’s Largest Nation

    Missionary Heritage

    Turbulent Times

    Spectacular Church Growth

    Great Needs, Great Opportunities

    The Free Market in Nigeria

    Driving on the Other Side

    Market Place Airports

    Contrasts and Queues in an Oil Rich Country

    Dynamic Churches

    Supporting Tyrants

    Slaughter Under Shari’a

    Resistance in Jos

    Christian Courage in Gboko

    Between Cross and Crescent

    4. Jihad- Islamic Holy War

    5. Islam According to the Reformers

    6. The Sources of Islam

    The Authority of Islam

    Arabian Sources of the Quran

    Jewish Sources of the Quran

    Christian Sources of Islam

    Zoroastrian Sources of the Quran

    Egyptian Sources of the Quran

    How the Quran was Revealed

    Evaluating the Quran


    7. Muhammad, the Caliphas and Jihad


    The Miraj

    The Hijrah



    Mass Murders and Mass Rapes

    The Polygamous Prophet

    The Caliphas

    Muslim Massacres

    “The Bloodiest Story in History”

    “Unfinished Business”

    Spain Under the Moors

    The Pact of Umar

    The House of War

    Churches Demolished, Pilgrims Persecuted

    The Crusades are launched

    Antioch Liberated

    To Jerusalem

    The Crusaders Take Jerusalem

    Saladin and Richard the Lionhearted

    The End of the Crusades

    Dynasties, Decadence and Decline

    The Fall of Constantinople

    “The Blood Levy”

    The Tide Turns

    Corruption and Cruelty

    A New Wave of Muslim Massacres

    The Scandalous Alliance

    The Forgotten Holocaust

    Slaughter in Smyrna

    The Curse of Neutrality

    “An Unmitigated Cultural Disaster”

    Intellectual Dishonesty

    Sharia in Saudi

    Jihad Seeks to Conquer Our Souls

    8. Women in Islam

    Polygamy Degrades Women

    The Example of the Caliphass

    “Temporary Marriages”

    “Deficient in Intelligence”

    “Capricious” and “Corrupting”

    Physical Abuse of Women

    Selling Children

    Female Mutilation

    Discrimination Under Saudi’s Sharia

    Stoning to Death a Victim of Rape

    Death of a Princess

    Judicial Gang Rape

    Raped in the Name of Allah

    Murder in the Family

    Burned Alive in Afghanistan

    Battered in Saudi Arabia

    Forced Back Into a Burning building

    Abuse, Assault and Blaming the Victim

    Serial Polygamy

    A Taboo Subject

    9. The Challenge of Islam

    Points of Agreement and Contradiction

    Historical Errors in the Quran

    Faith and Practice of Islam

    10. Comparing the Bible With the Quran

    11. Challenging Muslims

    12. Guidelines for Muslim Evangelism

    General Guidelines for Muslim Evangelism

    The Gospel and Abraham

    13. Slavery today and the Battle over History

    14. Muslim Evangelism in Universities

    Ministering to Muslims

    Terrorism Defended

    Suicide Bombing Justified

    Firsthand From Sudan

    A Testimony of Salvation in Christ

    Only a Muslim Can Quote from the Quran

    The Atheist Holocaust

    Evangelizing Muslims

    15. The Crusades and Jihad

    What Preceded the Crusades?

    Myths and Misconceptions

    The Merciful Saladin

    What did the Crusades Achieve?

    A Reaction to Jihad

    Defensive Wars

    Thinking the Unthinkable

    Christian Love and Self Sacrifice

    Against All Odds

    A Judgment of God

    Learn to Discern

    Who Cares About Geography?

    This is a True Story- Only the Facts Have Been Changed

    Twisted Theology

    Insults to Intelligence

    Crusade Against Christianity

    Entertainment or Exploitation?

    The Facts of History

    Logistics and Economics

    There’s More to Life Than Money

    The Missing Jihad

    Muhammad vs. Christ

    Jihad vs. The Gospel

    16. The End of Islam

    Muslim Myths

    Just the Facts

    A Trail of Destruction

    “The Bloodiest Story in History”

    Spain Under the Moors

    Carnage in Constantinople

    The Forgotten Holocausts

    Intolerant and Inconsistent

    Intellectual Dishonesty

    Double Talk

    Divisions and Dissension

    Changes in the Quran

    Destroying Qurans

    Many Versions

    Islamic Racism

    The Islamic Slave Trade

    Christian Roots in Africa

    Africa’s Agony

    Cultural Disaster

    Plundering Progress

    Tyrants Overthrown

    More Defeats for Islam

    Shaking Foundations

    The Threat of Freedom

    A1. (A1= Appendix 1) Glossary of Islamic Terms

    A2. Who’s Who In Islam

    A3. Proselytizing To Peace- Jihad In Action

    A4. The Spread of Islam According to Islamic Sources

    A5. Percentage of Muslims by Country

    A6. Population Density of Muslim

    A7. Muslim Population by Country

    A8. Muslim Growth Rate

    A9. Military Spending vs. National Prosperity

    A10. Churchill on Islam

    A11. Death Threats From Muslim Extremists

    Muslim Mob at Missions Week

    Hostile Phone Calls

    Death Threat Fatwa By Fax

    Expect to be Shot on Sight

    Freedom of Speech Under Fire

    Freedom of Religion Threatened

    Who is Being Intolerant?

    Too Controversial

    Telling the Truth in Love

    Where is This Going to End?

    Blame the Victim

    Tolerating Intolerance

    The Great Commission is our Priority

    Reaching the Unreached

    A12. Islamic Attacks on Christ and the Bible

    Regarding the Bible

    Concerning Jesus

    Mocking the Deity of Christ

    Regarding Christians, Their Faith, and Teachers,

    an Absurd Picture is Presented

    Muslim’s duty

    And How we Can React

    A13. Reformation or Islamisation

    Europe is in Danger of Falling to Islam

    The Blessings of the Gospel

    Another Generation

    Aborting Europe

    The Turkish Connection


    Europe is Being Targeted by Islam

    Rejecting God’s Law

    Aborting Her Future

    What is the Solution?

    Rating: 5 / 5


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