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Time Out Dubai: Abu Dhabi and the UAE (Time Out Guides)

Time Out Dubai: Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates (Time Out Guides)

  • ISBN13: 9781846701559
  • Condition: New
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Both famous and infamous, Dubai features burgeoning financial districts, waterfront high-rises, and tax-free shopping malls right alongside the serene Gulf coast. But as the city charges into the future, it keeps a watchful eye on its Arabian legacy. Themed hotels and desert resorts celebrate cherished notions of local hospitality, while new art galleries, theaters, and performance venues tap into a newfound thirst for cultural stimulation. Written by knowledgeable locals, Time Out Dubai profiles a wealth of options for the visitor, from haute hotels and elegant restaurants to modest digs and street food stalls. The book covers every inch of the city and its often extraordinary surroundings, from the iconic The World i s lands to quirkier districts including historical Bastakia, cut-price Karama, and the ever-bustling Sheikh Zayed Road.

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  1. Review by A. K. Castillo for Time Out Dubai: Abu Dhabi and the UAE (Time Out Guides)
    I bought this “Time Out” Book along with “Lonely Planet” copy of Dubai. I found the “Time Out” issue to be very informative with suggestions of hotels, nightlife bar/club, restaurants, entertainment for kids and adults, maps and cultural life. I couldn’t put the book down since it covered alot of interesting short reads. I reccommend this book as a start for a quickie read and to take along with you as a guide when you visit Dubai. I thought it was worth the buy and there is very little guide books of Dubai. Also, the “Lonely Planet” book covers the same information as “Time Out” but less interesting but focus more of History,tourist sites, and culture.

  2. Review by Susan J. Emborsky for Time Out Dubai: Abu Dhabi and the UAE (Time Out Guides)
    This is a good short guide to Dubai and the UAE, especially for first time visitors. the information is accurate and uptodate,especially considering how rapidly Dubai is changing. The warning about driving is more than accurate as the accident rate is very high and lethal. Most fees and entry costs are accurate.

  3. Review by A. Ellsworth for Time Out Dubai: Abu Dhabi and the UAE (Time Out Guides)
    Last spring, (one year ago), I went to Dubai and Abu Dhabi (as well as Hatta and Sharjah). I bought this TimeOut Dubai book as well as Lonely Planet’s Arabian Peninsula. I barely used the lonely planet, but that is likely because I was mainly in Dubai. If you are planning on only going to Dubai, this book is all you will need. It has great information about you name it, and is also not that big, so you can bring it with you everywhere. Also, the pictures are great, so it makes for a nice souvenir afterwards.

    I was 23 and traveled on a tight budget, and it was not hard. We stayed in a primarily Indian neighborhood at the Dar Al Sondos Hotel Apartments by Le Meridien, and got a great rate. We did not have a car, and had no problem getting around. The maps in the book worked well, and were much better than Lonely Planet’s. Taxi’s weren’t that expensive for going to the newer parts of Dubai, and we easily walked anywhere we wanted in the Dubai Creek area.

    Dubai was amazing! I’d love to go on and on about it. You can get by really cheap, or you could literally spend millions. Don’t waste your time in Abu Dhabi. Oh, and do a desert safari! We were not planning on it (thought it would be too fake and touristy). We loved it, and bought it from a travel agency near our hotel (in an Indian neighborhood), so the price was perfect and so low compared to all that we did!

  4. Review by David A. Gross for Time Out Dubai: Abu Dhabi and the UAE (Time Out Guides)
    I recently returned from a five day tour de force of Dubai. I purchased Time Out Dubai and DK’s Top Ten Dubai. The Time Out book is quite detailed and informative, but I found the text size to be too small for anything but careful examination under perfect reading conditions, and the weight of the book to be too heavy to carry around on the scene. This is published by the same outfit which publishes a local weekly (which I never saw while in Dubai) which must explain the presence of advertising pages in the book. By contrast, the DK Top Ten book fit in my back pocket, has legible text, and is organized by district, which is how most travelers navigate cities. This book is best used as a planning guide and left in your suitcase while out and about.

  5. Review by Marilyn Tremaine for Time Out Dubai: Abu Dhabi and the UAE (Time Out Guides)
    This is my third visit to Dubai. Since my hotels and much of the dining is arranged ahead of time for me, I had not bought a travel book on Dubai. But, this time, I would be off on my own, booking hotels, rental cars, etc. I found the “time out Dubai” book totally worthless for this. I ended up in a hotel that had recently changed its name (don’t you think the book would have noted this) so the taxi driver at the airport did not believe me and had no idea where it was. The book might have also noted that the hotel is in the red light district of Dubai and that much “flesh” trade takes place in its interior. For a traditional businesswoman, this was a highly uncomfortable setting.

    But this is not my main complaint with the book. I hate ads that are now embedded in TV shows, but what about a travel book full of ads? Time Out Dubai is equivalent to the magazine put in your hotel room by the local tourist office. It is not about evaluating the possible choices and giving you some sense for how you might plan your visit but rather a pushy sell of the expensive things to do in Dubai.


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