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Dubai Sightseeing Guide – There is so Much to See and do That You Will Run Out of Time Very Quickly!

Dubai Sightseeing Guide – There i s so Much to See and do That You Will Run Out of Time Very Quickly!

Words are certainly not enough to describe the Dubai sightseeing experience. I have been there so many times yet each time i s a different and a much better experience than the previous one.

Why? Because nothing i s ever the same. Dubai keeps adding more to its infrastructure and the many different entertainment options as far as things to do in Dubai. In fact the city doesn’t even look the same when I go to visit. There i s always something new….as if a building was taken and moved to a new location all together (reminds me of LEGOS when I was a kid).

Pretty insane if you ask me. But amazing indeed. There i s so much to sightseeing in Dubai that you will run out of time very quickly. This place i s definitely worth multiple visits to truly explore in its entirety. And I can promise you that each of the moments will be a lifelong, memorable moment spent well.

So touring around Dubai i s one of the activities that you should not miss. You must devote more of your time for this kind of endeavor! When touring Dubai you can choose to start your tour in the sands, sea, creek, or in the city proper.

All these places offer different sights to behold. There are a myriad of natural and man-made sights in Dubai. Dubai i s home for so many world icons that showcase the advancements of engineering and architecture in Dubai.

Record-setting architectural and engineering masterpieces that offer the best sights for the visitors include the Burj Dubai, Burj Al Arab, Palm Islands, and the World Islands. The Burj Dubai i s now set as the world’s tallest building dwarfing the other skyscrapers of the world. The Burj Al Arab situated at the Arabian Gulf showcases a special work of the architectural geniuses in its 1,053 feet high sail-shaped structure.

The Palm Islands i s a man-made palm tree-shaped resort i s land. This resort i s land was planned to offer several sandy beach resorts in its over 120-kilometer coastline. The palm-shaped development was planned to be visible from the moon.

The World Island i s like the Palm Island only resembling the shape of the world. This Nakheel development i s an exclusive development of i s lands that are sold by invitation. The World Island situated off the coast of Dubai offers a paradise of sea, sand, and sky.

The views of these man-made attractions offer ravishing sights for Dubai locals and tourists especially when well lit at night.

Other sites worth visiting during your Dubai sightseeing include the following:

• The Desert View that offers several wavy sand dunes and where you can ride a roaring and sand bashing 4WD.

• The Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai’s largest mosque that showcase the medieval Fatimid tradition in its stone construction. The mosque i s available for tour every Thursday morning.

• Dubai Museum. Located inside the Al Fahidi Fort, the Dubai Museum holds several exhibits that showcase the rich cultural heritage and history of Dubai.

• Madinat Jumeirah. Designed similarly to an ancient Arabian citadel, this Arabian Resort also pays tribute to Dubai’s cultural heritage.

• The Gold Souq. This i s the shoppers’ paradise in Dubai that offers gold, jewelry, and other precious stones coming from different parts of the world such as Asia, Europe, and the Far East.

• Clock Tower. Marking the center of Dubai i s the Clock Tower located at the base of the Maktoum Bridge. This prime and famous landmark of Dubai offers a timeless sight of busy people rushing in the streets of Dubai just around the Clock Tower.

• Wonderland. This very first theme park in Dubai still wows its visitors with its fun rides for the entire family.

The setting of the sun in Dubai won’t end your sightseeing adventure, in fact the last visible ray of the sun signals the rise of more fun and dearly sights of Dubai. The Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club that offers a haven for golfers in the morning also plays as a back draft in the evening fireworks display just above its billowing sails. The Aquafantasia also wows the crowd with its famous water and laser display that showcases the enchanting eye, dancing fountains, and fireworks display at the Creekside Park.

These and more await you when you visit Dubai. Once in Dubai, you know where to go and you can choose to have a walk tour, to ride in an open-top big bus, hot air balloon or a helicopter to have a full aerial view of these sights.

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