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Dubai shopping fiesta from June 22

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Dubai Events and Promotions EstablishmentDubai Events and Promotions Establishment (DEPEDEPE) has unveiled a full calendar of summer events and activities in Dubai. “Dubai is considered a unique trade and tourism destination and features some of the best-known shopping malls, restaurants and hotels,” said Ibrahim Saleh, festivals coordinator general and deputy CEO of DEPEDEPE, during a press conference.

Saleh said that the number of Omanis who had stayed in Dubai hotels in the first half of 2010 reached more than 81,000, which was nine per cent more compared to the corresponding period of 2009.

“Dubai has always been a popular shopping destination and a great summer base for many Omani families and the Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) is the region’s most keenly awaited summer entertainment and shopping fiesta,” he said.

Starting June 22, shoppers in Dubai can expect discounts up to 70 per cent at more than 50 shopping malls during the 40-day DSS festival. Apart from that, there will be raffles organised with instant rewards and a BMW car will be given away to a lucky winner every week. DSS will also be a great opportunity for tourists to explore Emirati folklore and heritage thanks to its exhibitions and activities.

Taking into consideration young tourists, DEPEDEPE has prepared international cartoon stage shows with Bob the Builder, Power Puff Girls and many others, sport activities and a kids’ fashion week. Along with the DSS, kids will be able to enjoy summer at the Modhesh World, an indoor edutainment venue.

As a part of DEPEDEPE‘s ‘Ramadan in Dubai’ event in August, Modhesh World will turn into an Iftar and Suhoor tent. There will be entertainment for kids and charitable events and auctions to raise awareness for children in need. Throughout Ramadan, special seminars and lectures will be delivered by senior religious speakers and other family activities organised reflecting the spirit of the holy month.

Moreover, the ‘Eid in Dubai’ event which is going to be organised to mark the end of Ramadan will witness several new attractions this year. Concerts by famous Arab singers, folklore and heritage performances and many other attractions are expected to wow visitors.

The main sponsor of the events, Emirates Airlines, also announced special discounts for visitors from Oman who plan to visit Dubai during summers. “To help ensure smooth travel of those visiting Dubai for the DSS festival, the airlines’ Oman office will help in visa facilitation process,” said Sadiq Shukoor, Emirates sales manager in Oman.

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