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First ever UAE Ramadan Culture Experience Tour announced

Travel & Culture Services a tour operator offering tours to Dubai and UAE has announced to promote the first ever culture tour of UAE during the Ramadan 2011. According to the company the tour is focused on giving a learning experience to the tourists about the UAE culture with special emphasis on Ramada. The participating tourists will have lectures from famous scholars during the sightseeing tour and will also be able to keep fast and open fast with UAE local family.

The tour has been created for 6 days and will have 3 departures from London UK. It was always considered that Dubai is purely a hopping and luxury beach hotels destinations. This tour will mark a new beginning by introducing Dubai and UAE as a whole a culture destination where people can learn and interact with the local culture and customs and see the history archeology of the country.

The tour is originally deigned by Earth Cultures a UK based culture tour operator while travel & culture Services will be offering reservation for its clients from its web site more details of the tour can be found ay

Travel & Culture Services also offers a daily culture tour of Dubai for residents and tourists which also gives the tourists an opportunity to learn the Culture of UAE and Islam in general. Details can be had at


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