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Dubai fines tourist for insulting prophet

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Aug. 3 (UPI) — A court in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has fined a British tourist for allegedly insulting Islam and the Prophet Mohammed.

Presiding Judge Rashid al-Sumairi imposed a fine of 5,000 Emirati dirhams ($1,360) on the 40-year-old defendant, identified only as A.G., Tuesday, the Gulf News reported.

H.H., a salesman at an electronics shop in the Mall of the Emirates, testified: “The Briton walked into the shop and greeted me in a non-Muslim way. I told him I am a Muslim and his way of greeting was inappropriate. Then I asked if I could help him in his purchases. Surprisingly, he asked me about my religion and where I came from.

“When I told him that I am from Pakistan, he started talking about the Taliban and war in Pakistan. He also said all Muslims are insane and fight and kill each other. He also said that Pakistan would dissolve soon. …He called me and my countrymen crazy.”

H.H. also said A.G. blasphemed the prophet and called him an “unpeaceful” person.

He said the tourist left, but he spotted him a week later and had him arrested.


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