Middle East’s first dinosaur skeleton auction initial value of AED 14 million to be held in Dubai

DUBAI,16th August 2019 (WAM) – A massive 155-million-year-old dinosaur skeleton will be up for grabs for lovers of rare collectibles as Emirates Auction announced it will organize the Middle East’s first auction to sell the giant dinosaur skeleton.

The online auction will be staged by Emirates Auction, the leading company in the field of auctions in the Middle East which specialises in organising and managing public and electronic auctions, at a starting value of Dhs 14.6 million and will end on August 25.

The 24.4-meter-long by 7-meter-high skeleton, which dates back to the Jurassic period, is the first of its kind in the world to be installed at the Dubai Mall. Back then the 25-year-old dinosaur weighed up to five elephants and was one of the long-necked herbivorous dinosaurs and has a tail tapering to a long, thin whip-like end to defend itself against predators.

The dinosaur belongs to the Diplodocus longus variety, deriving it from the Greek words “diplos,” meaning “double,” and “dokos” meaning “beam.” Interestingly, the displayed bones belonging to the same auctioned animal, which makes it exceptionally special. In addition, nearly 90 per cent of the fossil’s bones are original, making it a stunning discovery in the history of palaeontology.

The remains of the adult dinosaur were discovered in a sleeping position in 2008 at the Dana Quarry in the US state of Wyoming.

The auction will be an ideal opportunity for those looking for excellence to supplement their collections with a historic masterpiece rarely found around the world.

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Liwa To Protect wild plants

LIWA, 15th August, 2019 — The Liwa City Services Division launched a range of initiatives to protect wild plants in the desert and promote cultivation of the rare desert plants found in Liwa.

The initiatives included the establishment of a wild plant nursery in Liwa, on an area of 313,960-square metres. The first phase of the nursery covers an area of 900-square metres and hundreds of thousands of wild plants will be cultivated at the nursery, which supplies official and non-official authorities and individuals.

The nursery cultivates over 20 species of wild plants, such as arta, thamam, ghadeh, marsh, tribe, hala, hanga and ghaf. It also collects and classifies seeds.

The division, represented by the region’s planning, community relations, parks and entertainment facilities administration, recently implemented numerous initiatives, including the distribution of 1,000 ghaf seedlings during the Liwa Dates Festival, to encourage local people to cultivate indigenous plants.

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Spectrum of the Seas anchors into Port Rashid

Dubai recently welcomed the innovative cruise ship ‘Spectrum of the Seas’ into Port Rashid, marking its debut into the Arabian Gulf.

A traditional ‘Plaques and Keys Exchange’ ceremony was hosted on board in the presence of the ship’s captain and key industry stakeholders from Dubai Cruise Committee. Reaffirming Dubai’s position as the ‘cruise hub of the region’, Spectrum of the Seas arrived in port bringing almost 4,000 tourists to the emirate in a single day.

Weighing 168,666 gross tonnes, Royal Caribbean’s new Spectrum of the Seas will be the largest and most advanced cruise ship to port in Dubai. The cruise brand revealed several new innovations and features on board the ship, displaying ‘first-at-sea’ activities such as the Sky Pad, a virtual reality bungee trampoline, RipCord by iFly sky diving simulator and North Star observation pod that offers guests astonishing panoramic views more than 300 feet above sea level. In addition, the ship’s interiors offer a music hall and SeaPlex; the largest indoor sports and entertainment complex with bumper cars, roller skating and basketball.

Mohamed Abdul Aziz Al Mannai, CEO of P&O Marina and CEO of Port Rashid at DP World, said: “The cruise ship terminal at Port Rashid has recorded significant achievements over the past few years, including the development of marine, commercial and tourism infrastructure. This strengthens the emirate’s global position as a hub for trade and cruise tourism and supports the tourism sector in Dubai and its efforts to establish the emirate among the best cities in the world.”

Al Mannai also outlined that the shipyard at Port Rashid welcomes close to half a million visitors annually and expects 725,000 visitors during the 2018-2019 cruise season, as a result of Dubai’s ongoing efforts to attract tourists and investors to the emirate.

Jamal Alfalasi, director of Dubai Cruise Tourism, said: “It is with great honour that we welcome the guests of Spectrum of the Seas, one of the largest and most revolutionary ships to the emirate. This visit strengthens Dubai’s position as the established cruise hub of the region; a key component of our strategic development. Over the past few years, we have seen an increasing number of reputable cruise liners visiting the emirate and our ongoing partnership with key stakeholders is testament to delivering top-class cruise facilities and providing distinctive services to enhance the tourists’ experience, marking Dubai as a significant destination for cruise tourists worldwide.”

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Shortest, longest fasting days in UAE during Ramadan 2019

The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department at Government of Dubai called on all residents of Burj Khalifa and other tall towers to mind the time difference depending on the floor they are living on.

Apparently, it has become a popular fact in recent year that Dubai’s skyscraper residents have to fast slightly longer than others, up to 6 minutes more before breaking their fast.

The department issued a circular saying that residents who stay between 60th and 120th floor will fast for 4 minutes more than others in Dubai.

The time difference at such heights will result in dawn prayers being held 2 minutes earlier than the rest of Dubai, and will delay sunset and evening prayers by another 2 minutes.

Moreover, the department added that people who live on 121st floor and higher, will have to fast 6 minutes more, as the dawn prayer will be 3 minutes earlier, and sunset and evening prayers will be 3 minutes later than normal timings on the ground below.

The Ramadan calendar prepared by the department revealed that the shortest fasting period will be on the first day of Ramadan, as the dawn prayer will be at 4:16 AM, and sunset prayer at 6:55PM.

On the other hand, the longest fasting period will be on the last day of Ramadan, where the dawn prayer will be at 4:59 AM and sunset at 7:09PM.

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Ramadan moon sighting panels convene in Gulf countries

Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court has called on its citizens and residents to inform the nearest court if they spot the Ramadan crescent with a naked eye or through binoculars on Saturday, May 4.

For the purpose, the Supreme Court has issued an online statement which read: “The ministry invites citizens and residents to explore the vision of the holy month of Ramadan for this year on Saturday Sha’ban 29, 1440 – May 4, 2019. If the moon was not visible then look for it on Sunday, Sha’ban 30, 1440 – May 5, 2019.”

The court also urged people who spot the crescent to join the committees formed in the area for this purpose.

The Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs has announced that with the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, the moonsighting Panel will convene today (May 4) at the council’s meeting hall to receive news and testimonies on seeing the crescent in Bahrain or other Islamic countries.

The council called in its statement on anyone who has information about seeing the crescent to contact immediately the panel.

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What factors should you consider with Arabic translations?

Arabic can be considered as one of the oldest languages that you can find out there in the world. It is also referred to as a holy language. You will be able to find Arabic writings in the museums that are scattered all around the world.

From the recently conducted statistical experiments, it has been identified that more than 200 million people who live out there in the world speak Arabic language. People who speak Arabic can be found in every country out there in the world as well. Hence, you will come across the need to go for Arabic translations in a variety of instances.

When you want to get such services, you are strongly encouraged to go ahead with the Arabic online translation services company Protranslate.net. Then you will be able to make sure that you are receiving the best translation services that you want.

When you do a simple research on the internet, you will come across thousands of Arabic translators. However, all those Arabic translators are not in a position to help you with getting a high quality translation job done. That’s mainly because Arabic is a complicated language and a special understanding is required to get a perfect translation job done. In fact, only the people who were born in Arabic speaking countries will be able to help you with getting such a perfect translation job done at the end of the day.

Due to this reason, you need to double check and verify that your translations service provider is offering the translation services that you want along with the assistance of professional translators, who are from the Arabic speaking countries. They are not just familiar with the Arabic languages. They have a clear understanding about the Arabic vocabulary. In addition, they know how to use the Arabic slangs and dialects. With this, you will be provided with a superior translation job at the end of the day. Your translations would read naturally as well.

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UAE hotel rates ‘out of sync’ with global prices, says Dubai Properties

Hotels in the UAE will no longer be able to charge guests $1,000 a night for a ‘mediocre room’ according to the vice president of hospitality asset management at Dubai Properties Hotels in the UAE have been overcharging guests as local rates have been ‘out of sync’ with global room prices, leading to increased discounts in the market, according to the vice president of hospitality asset management at Dubai Properties Group.

Speaking to Arabian Business at the Gulf and Indian Ocean Hotel Investors’ Summit (GIOHIS), Stuart Etherington said hotels in the UAE will no longer be able to charge guests $1,000 a night for a ‘mediocre room’ as the market matures and discounts decrease. “If we look at the UAE as a business marketplace, we’ve seen a discount culture in the last 3, 4 years primarily because we’ve been out of sync with what the market is paying globally. If we start to look at the maturity of our industry, and the maturity of the guests coming in, we won’t discount,” Etherington said. “We just need to price accordingly.

No longer will you be able to charge $1,000 a night to stay in a mediocre room in a B-grade location just because we’re the UAE.” While new hotels with various price points have generally lowered market rates, Etherington said some hotels have maintained their rates. “What we’re seeing is diversification in our market.

The market itself is maturing. What we’re seeing is diversification within multiple channels, with 3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotels coming. This is statistically driving our rates down because of the blend, however, it’s not all doom and gloom out there,” he said. “A 5-star hotel on a beach is still a 5-star hotel on a beach, and is still achieving similar rates it was achieving 5 years ago,” he added.

Dubai Properties Group is part of the Dubai Holding Company, a global investment conglomerate which operates across 12 countries and includes the Jumeirah Group, which is known for iconic projects such as the Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Madinat Jumeirah and Jumeirah Al Naseem.

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Pearl of Sharjah Project in Sir Bu Nair Island launched

SHARJAH, 6th January, 2019 — Sharjah’s Environment and Protected Areas Authority, EPAA, Emirates Nature-WWF, and the Emirates Marine Environmental Group, EMEG, have launched the Pearl of Sharjah project on Sir Bu Nair Island, a three-year project aimed at preserving the island’s marine ecosystems, a natural biodiversity reserve to raise awareness about the environmental, cultural and heritage of the island.

This came during a community launch for Sir Bu Nair Project, and was well-attended, as it raised awareness about Sir Bu Nair’s environmental, cultural and traditional significance.

Regarding the project, Hana Saif Al Suwaidi, EPAA Chairperson, said, “H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, declared Sir Bu Nair Island a protected nature reserve in 2000. Formerly a haven for pearl divers and fishermen, this island is of ecological, historical, cultural and political significance.

“The goal is to use Sir Bu Nair Island as a model for the management of the UAE’s Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). We also plan to emphasise the socio-economic and ecological benefits of conserving marine environments. This project will benefit the environment, society and future generations of Emiratis,” explained Mrs. Al Suwaidi.

At the launch, the public was invited to upload images to Instagram using the hashtag #pearlofsharjah. These images were then used to create a digital mosaic of the pearl-shaped island. One of the participants was given an opportunity to win 2 tickets to Sir Bu Nair Festival to witness the natural legacy of the Pearl of Sharjah. The attendees thanked EPAA, Emirates Nature-WWF and EMEG for organising the event, which gave them an opportunity to learn about Sir Bu Nair Island and its ecosystems.

Pearl of Sharjah

Laila Mostafa Abdullatif, Director General of Emirates Nature-WWF, who was present on the day of the event, said, “We are thrilled to have joined the Sharjah community with EPAA and EMEG on Friday to shine the spotlight on Sir Bu Nair island and share details of our exciting new expedition. Our research in the field will commence in early 2019 with exploration and surveying of critical marine species and habitats, including sharks, rays, fish, birds and corals. Our aim is that our efforts on Sir Bu Nair will be showcased as a national blueprint for Marine Protected Area Management in the UAE”.

Recognised as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention, SBN Island has rich and diverse habitats and species, including turtles, birds and coral reefs.

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Dubai shoppers guide for 2019 events

The calendar showcases 18 events spread over 247 days, versus 12 events over 178 days in 2018.

The Department of Economic Development and Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment have jointly announced the 2019 Retail Calendar. Featuring more city-wide events, activities and experiences throughout 2019, the calendar showcases 18 events spread over 247 days, versus 12 events over 178 days in 2018.  These events also offer broader and more diverse range of product categories and brand segments, while raising competitiveness in the global retail market. So, it’s time to get the pen or open your app and mark your calendar.

26 Dec 2018 – 2 Feb 2019


The Dubai Shopping Festival was launched in 1996 and is a global attraction today, offering an unbeatable combination of shopping, winning and family entertainment to visitors from all over the world.  Celebrating its 24thanniversary, DSF 2019 will offer Dubai’s residents and visitors rewarding shopping experiences including the opportunity to win mega prizes and watch concerts, musicals and shows.

4 – 12 January


This is a new retail initiative with the objective of increasing spend and driving visitation from Russians and the resident community. It is the perfect opportunity for Russians to avail of timely shopping savings for the festive & holiday season.

3 – 13 February


Dubai is a fantastic place to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The celebration includes activities such as launching Union-credit discounts targeting Chinese visitors in partnership with key retailers, hosting events targeted at Chinese visitors, concentrating offers on high valueadded luxury deals that are highly appealing to Chinese visitors.

21 February – 9 March


Dubai Food Festival is the only truly citywide food festival in the Middle East. Held every year, it celebrates Dubai’s emergence as a gastronomic destination. The festival offers a calendar of exciting food-related events and promotions, highlighting Dubai’s unique food scene, its personalities, world-class dining experiences, F&B outlets, plus exclusive deals on kitchen and dining segments.

28 Feb-16 Mar / 8-24 Sep


The Collection Launches are inspired by fashion trends. This period of activation is to position Dubai as the destination that offers the most ‘up-to-date’ shopping proposition, where consumers are likely to see the most exclusive products and have the opportunity to be the first ones in the region to own looks that are fresh ‘off-the-runway’. Spring/Summer collection is from Feb. 28 to March 16, while fall/ winter is from September 8-24.

18 April – 1 May


This Home Festival will provide a great platform to offer fantastic savings on a range of home furnishing products, as well as boost the overall home ware retail category. The home wares segment will be activated through engaging with home stores in the city who will create special promotions.

5 May – 8 June


Ramadan in Dubai is a time of enlightenment and reflection. This special period calls for cultural activities, family gatherings as well as gifts for the near and dear. While Eid in Dubai which follows the holy month brings a great deal of buzz and excitement, featuring retail promotions at malls and souks, as well as special holiday packages offered by hotels across the city.

(Eid Al Fitr – From 1st Day of Eid till 8 June)

(Eid Al Adha – 12 – 15 August)

 21 June – 3 August


In the summer season, Dubai Summer Surprises presents wonderful experiences for residents and visitors alike with amazing bargains and incredible entertainment throughout the city. This summer shopping extravaganza offers everything from spend-and-win promotions to exciting competitions, plus daily deals featuring world-famous brands at unbeatable prices, entertainment and much more.

16 Aug – 7 Sep


Back to School is an exciting time of year, and parents can share in their children’s enthusiasm. This season positions Dubai as the best place to do back to school shopping and also encourages parents to spend time with kids while teaching them smart shopping habits.

18 Oct – 2 Nov


The Indian Festival of Lights, Diwali, is a time for celebration, family and positivity. The festival is a period for gift giving and shopping, with many of Dubai’s top retailers offering exciting shopping promotions on gold & jewelry, bridal wear, fashion accessories and home décor.  The city’s shopping malls and entertainment destinations put on an array of festive themed events and activities.

18 Oct – 16 Nov


The Dubai Fitness Challenge is a city movement towards health and happiness for all with an action-packed public engagement programme that includes fitness events, classes, sporting activities, plus exciting deals and promotions across a wide range of retail, sports and fitness providers, and healthy F&B concepts.

18 Oct – 2 Nov


The Indian Festival of Lights, Diwali, is a time for celebration, family and positivity. The festival is a period for gift giving and shopping, with many of Dubai’s top retailers offering exciting shopping promotions on gold & jewelry, bridal wear, fashion accessories and home décor.

The city’s shopping malls and entertainment destinations put on an array of festive themed events and activities.

12-14 December


Gifting weekend is a pre-festive event aimed at increasing spend as well as the footfall across Dubai and allowing the visitors as well as the resident community to have a wide range of gifts at special promotions.


Dubai aspires to retain its top position and ranking as an important international shopping destination. Among the many initiatives that supports this endeavor is the Super Sale weekend. This aims to increase spend and boost tourism from shopping oriented segment with discounts from 25 to 90 per cent on an array of items.

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New UAE visa rules ease the transi entry and 6 months visa

The Cabinet, chaired by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, adopted a number of visa facilitations for visitors, residents, families and people overstaying their visa to cater for a wider segment of the society.

The Cabinet approved a new legislative package, including a review of the current residency system to allow a two-year extension of the residency period for the dependents of their parents after finishing their university studies.

Transit visa

1. A new decision has also been approved to exempt transit passengers from all entry fees for the first 48 hours.

2. Transit visa can be extended for up to 96 hours for a fee of only Dh50.

3. Obtaining transit visa will be facilitated by a number of express counter at the passport-control hall across UAE airports.

Visa for overstayed job seekers

In the same context, the Cabinet adopted a decision to grant people overstaying their visa a chance to leave the country voluntarily without a “no entry” passport stamp.

. A new 6-month visa will be introduced for job seekers who overstayed their visa but wish to work in the country.

. The temporary visa enhances the UAE’s position as a land of opportunities and a destination for talents and professionals.

. As for Individuals who entered the UAE illegally, they will have the chance to leave voluntarily with a “no entry” stamp for two years given that they provide a valid return ticket.

. In a step aimed at simplifying the process and easing the financial burden on individuals wishing to adjust or renew their visa, they can now do so for a fee without having to leave and re-enter the country.

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Dubai Unveils New Tourist All-access Pass for 33 Attractions

Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) has announced the launch of a new pass allowing tourists to visit attractions around the city for a fixed price.

The pre-paid card grants cash-free access to 33 key events and venues across Dubai and will be available to redeem from May 16, DTCM said.

Prices will start from Dhs399 ($109) with select and unlimited packages available.

Attractions covered by the offering include the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Parks and Resorts, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Wild Wadi Waterpark, Ski Dubai and desert safari tours.

Thousands of jobs for Filipinos in UAE, Saudi Arabia, UK and Hong Kong
Saudi Arabia Economy in a ‘Sweet Spot’ Regardless of the Rising Price of Oil
Tourists will also receive a 50 per cent discount on tickets to aqua show La Perle with every purchase.

The Dhs399 select package allows users to visit one attraction each from three tiers of locations and is valid for seven consecutive days after the first day of use.

The Dhs899 ($245) unlimited package covers an unlimited amount of events and activities and is valid for three days.

DTCM said the passes would help tourists save money and make the most of their trip to Dubai.

Dubai received 15.79 million overnight visitors last year, representing a 6.2 per cent increase on 2016.

It is aiming to attract 20 million tourists annually by 2020.

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Close Sharjah Light Festival shines brilliantly

The annual Sharjah Light Festival (SLF) 2018 is wowing visitors once again showcasing 24 artists from 10 different countries hosting the most beautiful displays under the direction of the French director Mathieu Felix

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A look at The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert

We are very proud to share that on 11th November 2017, the first The Ritz-Carlton flag in Ras Al Khaimah was raised following our extensive re-positioning of this special oasis in the desert. I have attached our press release for this occasion for you to share our news on any marketing channels, social media and internally.

We have previously communicated enhancements including most recently the completion of all of our villas and the opening of Farmhouse in October as well as the introduction of Al Wadi Experience Concierge, integration of the Al Wadi Equestrian Center and Spa partnership with ESPA from earlier in the year. There have been so many touch points that have been enhanced during our transition, however now that we are fully-flagged as The Ritz-Carlton, I would like to share some further product updates relating to the villas repositioning and our many dining options now available to our guests.


NEW – We are delighted that all of our 101 Villas have been enhanced and are delighted to share some of these images with you. Our new images will be regularly added to our image library on Al Wadi Desert and we will continue to share the updated images. Please remove any images from your site that are not loaded on this link.
As well as newly designed and enhanced villas, we have re-positioned our Tented villas to be sold with the following key benefits:
•Full Board only – all bookings made on contracted rates include breakfast, lunch and dinner (more details below)
•Kids Stay free – up to 2 children can stay free including Full Board for children (as per contract)
•Al Wadi Experiences Included – a choice of daily experiences (1 per person) included as well as the daily Falcon Show and Owl Interaction for all guests in the resort.

Restaurants & Dining at The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert:

NEW – Kaheela
Kaheela is our new restaurant which is open for breakfast lunch and dinner. This restaurant have a fresh new modern look with Arabic touches that complement the menu. Stunning Arabic and international dishes can be enjoyed overlooking the organic herb garden or on the shaded terrace with a view of our water feature. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

NEW – Farmhouse
Inspired by a traditional rustic farm house, the restaurant offers fresh food produced from the land, air and sea with premium selections of wild meats smoked for 18 hours in our own smoker as well as our homegrown vegetables. Enjoy a sunset shisha or after-dinner drink at the outdoor deck. Open for dinner.

NEW – The Lobby Lounge
As a Ritz-Carlton, we have completely re-designed our lobby offering a fresh and relaxing environment with the center piece being our 300 year old Olive Tree. Guests can now enjoy drinks and light fare as well as The Ritz-Carlton Afternoon Tea and signature cake. Afternoon tea in the lobby lounge is also included for guests staying on Full Board in one of our Tented Villas.
Please note the inclusion of The Lobby Lounge replaces the Stables Café which is due to open later in 2018.

Samar Lounge
Samar Lounge features cozy nooks, mood lighting and offers a selection of tapas dishes with a selection of international wines and signature cocktails. Open for dinner, evening drinks and shisha on the terrace. Samar Lounge will be re-positioned with new menu as Moorish in 2018 and we will keep you updated on the progress.

NEW – Khan-Zaman
Join our Al Wadi BBQ, every Friday at Khan-Zaman, in an outdoor relaxing Arabic seating, overlooking the desert landscape. Enjoy live BBQ grill stations, a selection of mezze, salads and desserts complimented by live entertainment. Open Friday evenings.

Al Wadi Tower
Constructed in the style of a traditional Arabian watchtower, The Tower offers private dining looking out over the desert. A dedicated chef prepares a spread of specialties. Perfect for exclusive or romantic meals.
Can only be booked privately for lunch or dinner.

Dining on the Dunes
We offer various ‘destination dining ‘ experiences on the suns from Western-style and Arabic BBQ, in-villa BBQ and picnic’s in the desert dunes.
Not included in meal plans.

Moon Bar and the NEW Farmhouse Bar & Terrace
The Moon bar was closed throughout the summer which is normal as an outdoor only rooftop bar. The bar will remain closed until the enhancement is complete which is planned for 2018. Until then, we have a new bar at Farmhouse as well as an outdoor bar and terrace with stunning sunset overlooking the watering hole and sand dunes.

As a reminder, all Al Rimal Villas are sold on B&B basis with options to upgrade to Half Board and Full Board. Where this is added, guests are able to dine-around as per contract.
All bookings in Tented Villas include Full Board, which is also dine-around and includes experiences. Children stay free on full board in Tented Villas and can dine from the children’s menu.

The Lion roared at The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert was officially flagged on 11th November 2017 in presence of esteemed dignitaries and hospitality leaders. With the newest addition, The Ritz-Carlton brand expands its portfolio of distinctive luxury destinations across the UAE to four properties.


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What is Islamic or Hijri New Year

Dubai: The UAE has declared Thursday, September 21, as a public and private sector holiday to celebrate the Islamic New Year, known as the Hijri Year in Arabic.

President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has sent congratulatory cables to Arab leaders on the advent of the new Hijri year. He wished more progress and prosperity to Arab and Muslim countries.

His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, dispatched similar cables to presidents, kings and princes of the Arab and Muslim countries on the occasion.

The occasion marks 1,439 years since the migration of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and his companions from Makkah to Madinah, Islam’s holiest cities in Saudi Arabia. The first year in the Islamic calendar, Hijri 1, corresponds to the year 622AD.

Hijri is derived from Arabic word Hijrah, which means migration. In the religious context, it specifically refers to the migration of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) more than 14 centuries ago.

Why does the Islamic calendar start with Hijrah; what is the significance of this event?
Khaleeq Ahmad Mufti, an Ajman-based Islamic scholar and author, who also hosts an Islamic show on Sharjah TV, said Hijrah was the “definitive turning point” in the history of Islam.

“In Makkah, before Hijrah, the Muslims were weak, persecuted for their religion. After Hijrah to Madinah, Muslims became strong and successful. This development marked a definitive turning point,” Mufti added.

He explained that Hijrah was not just a historical event, but continues to be an opportunity for introspection.
“Every year, as a new Hijri year begins, we Muslims should ask ourselves, ‘why did Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and his companions migrate, leaving everything behind — their homes, their property, and their loved ones?’

“The answer is because they chose to sacrifice worldly gains and comforts for the perseverance of their religion, Islam, which was then in danger in Makkah. This is a message that inspires us to follow Islamic teachings, such as honesty in trading and other traits, above all.”

The Hijri calendar is based on the lunar year, in which months are 29 or 30 days, depending on when the waxing crescent moon is sighted after the new moon. As a result, the Hijri year is shorter than the Gregorian solar year, arriving around 11 days “earlier” after each full cycle.
Last year, the UAE had declared October 2 as a holiday to celebrate Hijri year 1438.

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