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The Globalysis 2008 Travel & Leisure Sector Outlook For Dubai, UAE

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Dubai, the second largest and most populous emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is growing in terms of population and economic activity at an incredible pace. A multitude of developments aimed at making Dubai ‘bigger and better’ than anywhere else in the world are under way. The development of Dubai’s travel and leisure sector is near the top of the government’s strategic growth priorities. Globalysis believes that Dubai’s travel and leisure sector has an extremely favorable outlook for 2008. Globalysis believes that the outlook for tourism in Dubai continues to be strong.

The Globalysis 2008 Travel & Leisure Sector Outlook For Dubai, UAE

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Cultural Foundation – the first stop in your travel itinerary whilst in Abu Dhabi

As the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is the more traditional counterpart of the glitzy Dubai. No less modern and sleek than Dubai, Abu Dhabi is a great mix of progression and tradition. A traveller to the country will find minarets dominating the sky and sitting alongside skyscrapers that gleam and glisten in the sky. Taxis are a safe way to travel about the country, whilst there are a great number of historic, cultural, entertainment, shopping and dining places to visit. The Corniche is a stretch that is home to a variety of hotel accommodation, dining, shopping and entertainment options, whilst the Heritage Village will give you a peek in to the Bedouin tribes that once lived in most parts of the Emirates.

For those visitors yearning to gain greater insight in to the United Arab Emirates will find the Cultural Foundation on Old Airport Road to be a worthwhile experience. The structure of the building alone is attractive, with unique Islamic designs, white colonnades, courtyards and lush gardens. Striving to preserve and promote the culture, history and architectural heritage of the United Arab Emirates, the Cultural Foundation has a collection of artefacts and items all supporting the cause. One of the most interesting items to see in this tourist attraction of Abu Dhabi is the old model of Abu Dhabi city, musical instruments, Islamic art and well preserved photographs.

Home to a theatre, library, cinema, lecture rooms, exhibition centre, meeting rooms and a coffee shop, the Cultural Foundation offers a host of other services as well. Workshops and language classes are held right throughout the year, with special events and concerts held annually, such as the AD International Book Fair, Emirates Film Competition, Emirates Photo Competition, Qalam Art Paris and so much more.

Making a trip to Abu Dhabi? Make your reservation at an Abu Dhabi hotel such as Kingsgate Hotel Abu Dhabi that is carefully designed to meet the needs of the business and leisure traveller. In comparison to other hotels in Abu Dhabi, this one stands out for its exceptional service, wide range of facilities and easy access to the Abu Dhabi Mall.

Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.

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Treasures & Pleasures of Dubai,Abu Dhabi,Oman & Yemen: Best of the Best in Travel and Shopping

  • ISBN13: 9781570232749
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

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They’re surprisingly safe and wealthy havens located in the midst of one of the world’s most troubled regions, the Middle East. Oil-rich desert sheikdoms with savvy trading skills, booming real estate, growing tourism, and large expatriate communities, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman are two of the world’s most fascinating countries. On the other hand, more traditional Yemen offers an exciting travel-shopping adventure unlike any other in the Middle East. These countries boast first-class tourist and business infrastructures, including some of the world’s finest hotels and resorts. They also are terrific shopping destinations for everything from jewelry and designer apparel to arts, antiques, and handicrafts. Explore traditional markets or huge modern shopping malls with this unique book on the many treasures and pleasures of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah in the UAE, Muscat and Nizwa in Oman, and Sana’a in Yemen.

Treasures & Pleasures of Dubai,Abu Dhabi,Oman & Yemen: Best of the Best in Travel and Shopping

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What, if You are Traveling to Dubai? Here is Your Dubai Travel Guide

Dubai is one of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in the eastern Arab Peninsula. Also known as Dubai city, it is the most populous and second largest emirate of UAE. Dubai is a bustling city that has been in the limelight for quite a while, for its magnanimous real estate projects, 7 star hotel, underwater hotel, palm islands, sports events, conferences, surreal beaches, golf courses and soaring skyscrapers. Dubai Travel guide takes you though all the intriguing aspects of Dubai.

Dubai flights

Often nicknamed the “Vegas of the Middle East”, Dubai always succeeds in generating the curiosity amongst the keen travelers and grabs their attention, with its flashing nightlife, extravagant shopping avenues and ostentatious building. Travelers from every continent board on Dubai flights to make their leisure and business trips come true. The main airport of Dubai for travelers is Dubai International airport. The airport is 4km away from Dubai city centre and 170km from Abu Dhabi. The development of Dubai World central International Airport in Jebel Ali, currently under-construction, once get operational, will host foreign airlines and make Dubai Tour smoother. There are various online booking sites, which provide info on a list of air fares, flights take-off and arrival time, rates of Dubai flights and cheap flights to Dubai.

Dubai golf clubs

Dubai is a golfer’s paradise. Dubai’s warm climate makes it a suitable place for outdoor sports activities. Golf is a very popular game in Dubai and there are some big state-of-the-art Dubai golf courses that are beautifully designed. Dubai golf clubs spread on lush greenery and sand offers great scope to golfers of all levels to enjoy the distinct and different challenges. Dubai classic golf tournament attracts sports star from around the world with its premium golf related services. Dubai Creek Gold and Yacht club is a golfer’s paradise spread in 6,857 yards. It has also been voted one of the world’s ‘Top 100 Must-Play Golf Courses’. Some other famous Dubai gold clubs are Emirates Golf Club, The Nad Al Sheeba Golf and Racing Club, Montgomerie Golf Club, Al Badia Golf Resort, Tower Links Golf Course and Arabian Ranches Golf Club.

Dubai 7 star hotel

If the grandeur of a five star hotel blow your mind away, then Dubai 7 star hotel will be an out of this world experience, for those who believe in luxury and the Burj Al Arab Hotel- Dubai 7 star hotel- epitomizes it. It is a sheer opulence, coupled with its outrageously attentive service. Burj is the world’s tallest and only seven-star hotel. It offers the highest levels of personalized service in the most luxurious surroundings. Burj Al Arab Hotel has spacious 202 suites decorated with lavish textures and enticing colors. Each suite features a sumptuous living and dining area, state-of-the-art entertainment system, Hermes bathroom amenities, the 42 inch Plasma screen TV, maximum comfort, unique levels of services and above all, breathtaking views of Arabian Gulf.

Dubai currency

In 1973, Dubai along with other six emirates decided to join a uniform currency: UAE dirham. Dhiram is the currency of Dubai. When you are on a Dubai tour, don’t forget to carry a credit card. There are also major banks and financial institutions in Dubai where currency can be converted. Stay in Dubai, can be quiet a costly affair, so it’s better to known, the value of your national currency with respect to Dubai currency.

Dubai hotels

Accommodation is the most important aspect of a travel itinerary and when we talk of Dubai one has a plenty of accommodation options. Dubai hotels exemplify luxury and grandeur. With five star and Premium luxury hotel offering classic luxury- Dubai hotels can never go wrong. Some of the best Dubai Hotels like Raffles, Jemeirah Beach Hotel, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dar Al Masyaf at Madinat Jumeirah, Al Murooj Rotana Hotel and Suites are an oasis comfort, first-rate facilities, fascinating hospitality, cutting amenities, round-the-clock services, great wining and dining, recreation facilities and deliciously decorated rooms, which are apt for uber-rich and high class dignitaries.

Not overlooking the lodging demands of its economic travelers, Dubai hotels offers basic amenities in cheap Dubai hotels and discount Dubai hotels at lowest rates.

This article resources are and . These are the major resource of MiddleEast , Dubai Travels and Abu Dhabi Travels. Also gives us the suggestions and reviews on Dubai Hotels.

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Travel agent arrested in credit fraud

Travel agent arrested in credit fraud
A Winnipeg travel agency owner already facing numerous credit card fraud charges has been arrested again.

Read more on The Winnipeg Sun via Yahoo! Canada News

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Cockermouth travel firm battles for national awards for a second year

Cockermouth travel firm battles for national awards for a second year
A FAMILY-owned Cockermouth business has been nominated for two national awards for the second year running.

Read more on West Cumberland Times & Star

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Airline Hub: Airport, Spoke- hub distribution paradigm, Direct flight, Air travel, Cargo airline, Focus city, Dubai International Airport, Emirates , Dublin Airport, Aer Lingus, Depeaking

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An airline hub is an airport that an airline uses as a transfer point to get passengers to their intended destination. It is part of a hub and spoke model, where travelers moving between airports not served by direct flights change planes en route to their destinations. Many hubs of the airlines are also situated at airports in the cities of the respective head offices. Some airlines may use only a single hub, while other airlines use multiple hubs. Hubs are used for both passenger flights as well as cargo flights. Many airlines also utilize focus cities, which function much the same as hubs. Airlines may also use secondary hubs, a non-technical term for large focus cities. For most non-US airlines, it is more technically correct to use the term home base rather than hub as a majority of their flights are international and the so-called hubs are simply their home countries’ largest airports, such as Dubai International Airport for Emirates Airline or Dublin Airport for Aer Lingus. Indeed, the application of the term hub in such contexts is only recently popularized by American airline industry analysts and often contested by local commentators.

Airline Hub: Airport, Spoke- hub distribution paradigm, Direct flight, Air travel, Cargo airline, Focus city, Dubai International Airport, Emirates , Dublin Airport, Aer Lingus, Depeaking

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iTrek’s ‘The Travel Agent Is Dead’ TVC Making Competition Shut Down

iTrek’s ‘The Travel Agent Is Dead’ TVC Making Competition Shut Down
iTrek online competition for filmmakers shutdown by Chartis, due to complaints from travel agents the world over

Read more on PRWeb via Yahoo! News

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American Express Business Travel Launches Online Travel Management Scorecard

American Express Business Travel Launches Online Travel Management Scorecard
NEW YORK—-With the worldwide recession having fundamentally altered the business travel landscape, companies are adapting to a new operating environment. There is an opportunity to measure how prepared they are with adjustments made during the recession and in the face of travel demand coming back.

Read more on Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance

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Dubai Travel Pack

Dubai Travel Pack is a highly successful “Globetrotter Travel Series”, which includes Travel Guides, Maps and Road Atlases, presently covers more than 80 destinations worldwide.

The handy pocket-size guide is packed with useful information, tips and recommendations, accompanied by colour photographs, charts and maps for the first-time traveller who wants to experience the major highlights that Dubai has to offer. This travel book surpasses other guides in that it incorporates essential information in an easy-to-carry and easy-to-read format that is attractive and useful at the same time. It provides a visitor with an invaluable introduction to Dubai by concisely highlighting the cities’ ‘must see’ areas in a practical and user-friendly format, thus encouraging the tourist to make the most of his/her available time. All the essential information you need to get around an unfamiliar city is compacted into useful and practical ‘At-a-Glance’ sections at the end of each chapter.

The fold-out map of Dubai is ideal for tourists and visitors. In addition to the main map of Greater Dubai, it features 1 detailed area map and 4 town plans.

Dubai Travel Pack

For more information of Dubai tours visit Travel & Culture Dubai Site

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Why Travel Agents are Important in your Travel Plans

A travel agent engages in purchase and sales of tour and related services of travel. Travel agents can be employees or they can do business independently. In the tourism industry if travel is considered as the leg for the industry, then the travel agents are the very important backbone of the whole system.

Even though the Internet has created revolutionary changes in the tourism industry, travel agency cannot be replaced. You are using the Internet as a travel agent for arranging your travel services. Websites of travel agents and travel suppliers are providing you their services depending totally on your needs.

As the travel industry is very competitive, being a travel agent is not an easy one. Travel agencies are under constant pressure like facing stiff competition among them and also with online portals and they have to survive with lower profit margin. There are travel agencies specializing on packages like honeymoon, health, water sports etc.

In the past, the travel suppliers used to sell their packages to the public through travel agencies. Nowadays, the usage of Internet for travel service by travel consumers has been increasing and so all the travel suppliers are opting for online travel agencies. The Travel Industry Trade Associations are linked with many Travel suppliers, Travel Wholesalers and Consolidators, though the travel suppliers have web sites on their own. The Outside Sales Support Network (OSSN) supports travel agents like home based, Independent contractors and outside sales agents with 100,000 members in it.

Being a travel consumer you can access the catalog e-vacation that includes reading of needed information and watching online videos of the destination you want to travel without any verbal communication with the travel agent. Some travel agents offer packages or services with mark up price and there are others who offer the product for the same price charged by the supplier and there is always a debate of these travel deals offered.

The United States State Department encourages group travel of US citizens while traveling abroad. The travel agencies understand this silent push and they offer services that are affordable to everyone at unbelievable price. Being a holidaymaker, there are stories revolving around them for bad services and rip-off stories. You must be wondering how to find a creditable agent for your travel services. Here are some ways by which you can find many travel agents who offer good travel services for you.

First, be clear with your travel objectives and look for travel agents offering all types of packages and travel services. Flexibility in the price offered for your travel service will make you feel comfortable with the travel agent and so a good agent must be ready for negotiation of prices with a customer. Get recommendation from other customers who have used the travel agency for their needs and always feed back is very powerful. Your network of contact will help you a lot and will give an idea of the travel agents’ competency.

Always choose agencies that wish to sustain good relationship with customers. These agents will give you the utmost benefits on the services provided by them because of expecting repeat business and for having long-term association with you. If you have found an agent who keeps his word and has offered you his best services, then you stick to him for all your travel needs.

Lesley Lyon is an expert writer in tourism related topics. He regularly contributes articles to that carries very useful info on travel, holidays and vacation packages, the web guide on cheap air tickets – and that deals with cruises.

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WR travel agent convicted of theft to face civil lawsuits

WR travel agent convicted of theft to face civil lawsuits
WARNER ROBINS — A Warner Robins travel agent convicted of taking money but failing to deliver on bookings is expected to appear Wednesday in Houston County Magistrate Court to face a series of civil complaints.

Read more on Macon Telegraph

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Travel Agents in Uk—a Boon for Tourists

Travel agents in UK—A boon for tourists

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”- Saint Augustine

Choosing online travel agents

Are you planning to spend your holidays in United Kingdom? Do not roam around like a stranger in a foreign land instead enjoy your holidays with a perfect plan and a guide! Why should you spend your precious hours looking for information on pricing and itineraries when most travel agents in UK can get all of this information for you in a matter of minutes? The best way is to look for online travel agents who can make your trip a memorable one. As online travel agents offer 24/7 service, the most obvious advantage of using them is their expediency. Find all kinds of help at hand in London when it comes to organizing your next holiday.

Look for a travel agent who is friendly, outgoing, and has a good eye for detail, good IT skills, and a reasonable standard of geographical awareness. Opt for agents with a Certificate in Travel (Travel Agents) qualification, which was until recently known as ABTAC, the ABTA Travel Agents Certificate. Another choice could be the one with the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) Certificate.

Why to choose travel agents in UK?

It is up to you to decide if you need a travel agent in UK or not. But if you opt for one, you will save yourself time and effort. Travel agents in UK have access to thousands of airline companies, hotels and other vacation venues, thus making it possible to have your first choice. In addition, a good travel agent will be able to suggest ideas to enhance your trip that you had not even thought about. As the travel agent is ‘the son of the soil’, you get a perfect shield that protects you form the disadvantages of being a stranger in a foreign land. Finally, if travel agents are involved in the booking and if something goes wrong, the risk is with them, and it is possible to recoup your losses.

Types of Holiday travel insurance

One other most important thing is your holiday travel insurance. There are various schemes such as Groups, Families and Independent Travelers Insurance. Annual holiday insurance could be a wise move if you plan to make multiple trips within a year. Travel agents in UK can guide you to choose one with the cheapest price and excellent levels of cover. As they represent major travel insurance providers, your travel agents make it easy for you to pick, compare, buy, and save on holiday travel insurance packages offered by leading travel insurance companies.

UK Golf vacations & travel agents in London

If golfing is your favorite pastime, then going on a golf tour might be best option for you. The travel agents in London are specialists in making the Golf vacation a splendid one for lovers of golf. Golf vacation travel agents can help you in picking your destination, of course your budget will determine whether to keep it informal and simple or go somewhere really special. It is advisable to go on a tour with like-minded friends who share your love of golf. offers information on finding the best travel agents in UK.

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Tips for Finding a Knowledgeable Travel Agent

In the travel industry, the more knowledgeable your travel agent, the better your vacation will be. Knowledgeable travel agents know tips and tricks for making the most of your destination, such as how to get the most exclusive tickets to activities and events, when to travel for the best weather, and best of all, how to save the most money on your vacation. If you are interested in booking a vacation, work with a travel agent who knows the ropes. Though, how do you find the most knowledgeable travel agent out there? Here are some tips for choosing your agent:

Tip #1: Look at past experience.

Someone who has spent ten or more years in any industry is usually more knowledgeable than someone who has only been in the industry for just a few months. There’s something to be said about working with a travel agent who has a fresh approach to vacations, and age is not always a good indication of knowledge, but this is a start.

More so than time in the travel industry, however, you want to look at the volume of work that they do. Some travel agents only book a few trips every year. Others work with dozens or even hundreds of travelers every year. So, as far as “experience” goes, look at both time in the industry and number of trips they’ve booked.

Tip #2: Work with someone who has booked trips to your destination in the past.

Most travel agents have booked trips to Disney World and Hawaii, but what about somewhere more obscure? Travel agents can schedule trips to anywhere you’d like to go, but that does not mean that they are knowledgeable about the area. If you want to take a ski vacation to somewhere in the Eastern United States, for example, it is not enough that your travel agent has booked trips to the Rockies. Before hiring a travel agent, find out where they have had success booking vacations in the past. For the best experience, work with an agent who has actually traveled to this destination as well.

Tip #3: “Interview” your travel agent.

When you first talk to a travel agent about your trip, don’t let them begin booking your trip right away. It’s really easy, and not uncommon, to just stop by an office wanting some information and leave with a signed contract in hand. Remember, though, when you talk to a travel agent for the first time, you are essentially interviewing them for the job.

As part of your initial meeting, you should talk about the travel agent’s experience, understanding of the location, commission rate, and more. Do not be afraid to ask questions to find out if your travel agent really is knowledgeable about the trip you want to take.

Tip #4: Get recommendations from your friends and family members.

While it is important to get recommendations, you can’t always believe what you read or hear. That is why you should stick to travel agents who are recommended by your friends and family members. It is really easy for some travel agencies to pay for good testimonials, but that does not mean that they are actually knowledgeable about your destination.

When talking to your friends and family members about travel agents that they have used, remember to take their compliments and criticisms with a grain of salt. What are these travelers like? If your cousin Jane likes to plan out every last detail herself, her travel agent might not have done more than booking the flight and hotel stay. If your roommate is hard to please, her “terrible” vacation was probably not all that bad.

Tip #5: Test their knowledge.

Lastly, do your own research so that you can test your travel agent’s knowledge. You should not be trying to trick them, but let’s face it, when you are ready to sign that check, no travel agent is going to come out and tell you that they don’t know anything about vacations to China or cruises to Alaska. Travel agents are good at talking their way through situations, so test them out to see how much they really know.

For example, you might do some research to learn about the airport options when you want to visit Southern California. Ask your travel agent about the choices. If he or she quickly says that LAX is the only airport in the area, even though your own research shows that there is another option, that’s not a good sign! Travel agents can’t know everything, but instead of feeding you information that is incorrect or incomplete for the sake of seeming like they are an expert, they should tell you that they are not sure and offer to find out for you. The most knowledgeable travel agents are always willing to keep learning.

Stephanie Larkin is a freelance writer who writes about topics and tips involving the travel industry, such as travel websites and working with travel agents.

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Judgments awarded in civil suits against WR travel agent

Judgments awarded in civil suits against WR travel agent
WARNER ROBINS — Teri Faust’s plan for a special family reunion and cruise with her husband, who was deployed overseas, and two children was dashed the summer of 2008.

Read more on Macon Telegraph

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