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The Arab-Israeli Wars: War and Peace in the Middle East

  • ISBN13: 9781400079636
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Product Description
Now in its third edition, this classic study has been updated for the first time in more than twenty years.

Chaim Herzog, former President of Israel, was involved in every conflict involving Israel and its Arab neighbors from before the 1948 War of Independence. The Arab-Israeli Wars is Herzog’s acclaimed history of Israel’s fight since 1947 to preserve her existence against repeated attacks. Revised after his death by friend and colleague General Shomo Gazit, this new edition also covers the events of the past twenty years, including the pullout from Lebanon, both intifadas, the first Gulf War, the Oslo Process, and beyond. Riveting, informative, and comprehensive, this authoritative account tells the story of Israel’s struggle to survive but gives a clear picture of the people and politics that continue to shape the destiny of this crucial region.

The Arab-Israeli Wars: War and Peace in the Middle East

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Robin Soderling Vs Stanislas Wawrinka Live Streaming – ATP Abu Dhabi World Challenge

Abu Dhabi Ready to Host Capitala Tennis Championship

Robin Soderling Vs Stanislas Wawrinka Live Streaming

The Capitala World Tennis Championship returns to Abu Dhabi on Dece,ber 31st 2009 and the finishing touches have been made so the top players can have the best place to start the 2010 tennis season.

The repaved court at the Abu Dhabi International Tennis Complex will host Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Nikolay Davydenko, Robin Soderling, David Ferrer and Stanislas Wawrinka for the first exhibition tournament of the year.

Jo-Wilfriend Tsonga was on the field but he withdrew because he is not ready to start the 2010 season.

Robin Soderling Vs Stanislas Wawrinka Live Streaming at

The court is paved with Plexipave, the same surface used at the Australian Open, which will provide the players with the perfect build- up for the season’s first Grand Slam.

The Tennis Village is gearing up to provide a host of entertainment for all the family, including a Speed Serve Challenge, Batak machine, player autograph signings, tennis clinics and some great give-aways.

The village is open from 10:00am daily and free to non-ticket holders.

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Life in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the second largest city in the UAE and serves as a seat for UAE Government. It has grown to be a cosmopolitan city and is one of the most advanced cities in Arab today. Being the capital of UAE, it is the center of political, industrial, cultural and commercial activities of the country. The number of jobs in Abu Dhabi is huge and the lifestyle offered is excellent, thus, making it one of the best Gulf cities for expatriates to work in. It is always suggested that if one is planning to acquire a job in Abu Dhabi or in any other Gulf city, one should gather more information about the city’s culture and lifestyle. One needs to know about the kind of accommodation, transportation system, cost of living, education for children, city whereabouts, important locations, etc. before arriving in the city. It becomes more vital to be conscious of the know how of the city if one relocates with family, in order to settle down comfortably and adapt to the city’s requirements. Abu Dhabi has a great strategic importance in UAE and enjoys nearly 9% of world’s oil reserves.

The economy of the country is thus heavily dependent on oil and gas industry. Most of the people who wish to join a company in Abu Dhabi land up with a job in oil and gas sector. It being the largest of all industries, the foreign workforce has grown considerably in the last ten years. Employment options in other sectors are also coming up like jobs in banking, jobs in hospitality, jobs in IT and jobs in healthcare. A large number of trained and skilled personnel are hired in such industries from across the world, chiefly from countries like India, Philippines, UK and other European nations. The presence of varied nationalities in the city gives life in Abu Dhabi a cosmopolitan touch and an eclectic appeal. One can apply for Jobs in Abu Dhabi through Gulf news classifieds or even online through recruitment companies, consultants and agencies.

Abu Dhabi is a ninety minutes drive from Dubai but is much more peaceful than the Dubai state. It is a beautiful Middle Eastern city with a lot of vibrancy and dynamism. Abu Dhabi offers a welcoming atmosphere to the foreign workforce by presenting a modern yet culturally focused lifestyle. It is a perfect place to spend time with your family under warmth and luxury. The climate is generally pleasant and the bright sun can be seen throughout the year. Temperature is mildest from October to April with scorching heat and high levels of humidity in summers. The cities in Gulf like Abu Dhabi, Doha, Bahrain, etc are popular among expatriates for their lucrative jobs with high salaries and welcoming lifestyle. The cost of living in Abu Dhabi is not very high since facilities of accommodation and transportation are generally sponsored by the employer.

The only mode of travel in the city is by road, one has to either hire a cab or take a bus to reach other parts of the city. One can even buy own vehicles as buying and selling of cars is convenient in Abu Dhabi. The office PRO offers great help in providing details of the life in Abu Dhabi. For accommodation, the only option available to expatriates is of renting the property. This is because the government discourages the outsiders from buying property in the city unlike in Dubai. It is recommended that before taking up Abu Dhabi jobs, one must check if accommodation is paid or not as living on one’s own can turn out to be an expensive deal. Abu Dhabi is a safe city for women but they are advised to dress modestly to avoid inviting unnecessary attention. It, in fact, provides various sources of recreation with an active night life that lets one enjoy movies, clubbing, games or some other interests. The crime rate of the city is also very low. Abu Dhabi can be an ultimate place to live and work on one’s own term and conditions.

Deepika Bansal writes on behalf of, a leading job portal for jobs in Gulf Region, Jobs in Abu Dhabi, Middle East jobs.’s foray into the Middle East is an Endeavour to provide established client base with services that best meet their international requirements as well as expand our operations on to a global arena.

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The Strong Horse: Power, Politics, and the Clash of Arab Civilizations

  • ISBN13: 9780385516112
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Product Description
In a provocative, timely book, a noted journalist and expert on Arab-American affairs overturns long-held Western myths about the Arab world, and offers a doctrine to help the United States correct its assumptions concerning the region.

Wanting to know why September 11 happened, journalist Lee Smith moved to Cairo. There, he discovered that the standard explanation-a clash of East and West led to the attacks-was simply not the case. As Smith outlines in The Strong Horse, the problems of the Middle East have little to do with Israel, the United States, or the West in general. The strife exists within the Arab world itself.

Through clear-eyed analysis, Smith explodes the many myths permeating Americans’ understanding of the Arab world: colonialism spurred the region’s ongoing turmoil; Arab liberalism is waiting for U.S. intervention; technology and democracy can be transforming. In response to these untruths, Smith offers what he terms the “Strong Horse Doctrine”-that Arabs want to align themselves with strength, power, and violence. Given America’s ongoing interest in the Middle East, Smith says America needs to be the strong horse in order to reclaim its role there, and only by understanding the nature of the region’s ancient conflict can we succeed.

The Strong Horse: Power, Politics, and the Clash of Arab Civilizations

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Abu Dhabi Golf Championship 2010 Odds – 2010 Abu Dhabi Golf Championship

Abu Dhabi Golf Championship 2010 @ Golf Betting: The Abu Dhabi Golf Championship 2010 event is taking place at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club from January 21-24.

For the 4th year in a row, Emirates Palace is the Diamond sponsor of the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship 2010 as part of its engagement and commitment to the golf sport community.

This will be the fifth renewal of the Abu Dhabi Championship; an event which has risen in stature with every year. This line-up is one of the very strongest we’ll see on the European Tour throughout 2010 and is emblematic of the shift in power towards the Middle East. All four previous winners were top-class, or about to become so. Paul Casey has won twice, along with Chris DiMarco and Martin Kaymer in what was the German’s breakthrough title. Each year, the places have been packed with world-class names. Of the 25 players to have registered a top-five finish, only six started the event at 100/1 or bigger.

”By sponsoring this event, the Emirates Palace has actively demonstrated its commitment and support to cultural and sports events the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is hosting. The sponsorship of the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship underlines the Palace’s tireless efforts to raising the profile of the emirate as a major destination for world top class golf championships,” General Manager of Emirates Palace Hans Olbertz said.

One of the key elements of the Masters Odds Championship is its depth of field. Year after year, organiser Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority looks to attract a wide-diversity of golfing greats.

And with 120 internationally assembled players eyeing a total prize pot of US$2million, the Championship looks set to continue evolving as the Middle East becomes an increasingly top-of-mind stop of the sport.

The 126 man field for the 5th annual Abu Dhabi Golf Championship, taking place at Abu Dhabi Golf Club, is one of the strongest in the series’ history.

Check out the 2010 Abu Dhabi Golf Championship 2010 at Golf Betting

Online Betting SPORTSBETTING.COM is the simplest and most popular destination for sports betting on the Internet. Our many years of experience guarantee you a superior betting service. Join today to take advantage of all our great offers.

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Dubai And Abu Dhabi’S Common Meltdown Woes

As the world awakens to its first recession in the 21st century, the two main business hubs of the Persian Gulf region, namely Abu Dhabi and Dubai, have also awakened to its repercussions in their own backyard. The two cities, which saw remarkable growth post-1990, do realize today, they will have to work for a common stake in the years to come. Neither Abu Dhabi nor Dubai could think of bracing through these testing periods without calling the other to join in. The two cities, with their commerce and landmarks, which include Abu Dhabi hotels and hotels in Dubai, are like two veins running the development through the whole of the UAE and Middle East. None of these could be separated or made to survive without the other.

These two cities have galvanized the ethnic Arabs and the expatriates alike into unitedly working for a common dream, thus paving a way for immense economic and urban development in the region, in the past two decades. Nothing could be predicted how much the present economic meltdown might affect the Gulf in years ahead, but the signs are ominous with a slowing down of the reality and tourism sectors. Abu Dhabi hotels and hotels in Dubai have recorded low occupancy in the recent months in contrast to their earlier bullish collections.

It is reported now that up to three fourth of Dubai’s key developments might either be delayed or shelved due to the ongoing meltdown of the world commerce. Dubai’s freehold properties have taken the brunt of this causality, and many of those who earlier bought luxurious villas and apartments to make quick returns are now counting their losses and the time it might take them to break-even. Large scale job cuts have added to this spiraling woe and a frenzied disinvestment by the small yet noticeable number of expatriates leaving the city is adding to further confusion. With reality going down, the hospitality sector is not unaffected either, which includes Abu Dhabi hotels and hotels in Dubai.

Dubai may feel the heat more as compared to Abu Dhabi, if the recession deepened any further worldwide. Two factors might work in Abu Dhabi’s favor here: First, its moderate opening to construction mania as compared to Dubai, and second, its larger oil-reserves, which it can turn back to anytime during hardships. What experts foresee as a result, is the possibility of Abu Dhabi becoming Dubai’s savior, if the meltdown worsened further. The latter might have to take the brunt of the slowdown due to its massive expansion in the real estate – which includes villas, apartments and hotels in Dubai – and duty-free commodities, both having been hit worldwide now. Abu Dhabi’s real estate, which consists of an equally impressive array of apartment blocks, villas and Abu Dhabi hotels, is not as much overheated as it might be in its sibling’s case.

As the recession takes its toll further, a section of the expatriates may have to return back to their native countries, but others will stay on and face the crisis together with the ethnic Arabs, one hopes. Interestingly, many used to stay in Dubai hotels and other freehold properties and travel daily to Abu Dhabi for their vocations. While the overall mood for staying in the UAE may have been hit adversely due to recession, the cash counters for Abu Dhabi hotels have not yet dried up as abundantly as in the case of hotels in Dubai. Abu Dhabi hotels continue to enjoy a favorable business from many travelers even today.

Pankaj Mohan is an Ahmedabad, India based author who often writes on behalf of Visit this site to book your holidays in Abu Dhabi hotels and hotels in Dubai.

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The 50 Years War: Israel and the Arabs
The conflict in the Middle East between Israel and its neighbors is given comprehensive treatment in this two-video set produced by PBS. Using archival footage and extensive interviews with participants, the production begins by explaining conditions in Palestine at the end of World War II and the crisis created by the exodus of European Jews who went to the Middle East after the Holocaust. The withdrawal of the British, who had controlled Palestine for decades, is detailed, as is the creation of the state of Israel. Much of the region’s history is complex, with the local struggles being conducted at times as a part of the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union, but these videos do an admirable job of explaining the complexities of the situation. The segment on the Six Day War, for example, is masterful, with the scenes shifting from Israel to Egypt to Washington to Moscow, the story developing before the viewer’s eyes. The 50 Years War is often a tale of mistrust and betrayal, but this production strives to present a balanced view of history, and is not only impressive for its command of the facts but for its skillful and often dramatic presentation of history. –Robert J. McNamara

The 50 Years War: Israel and the Arabs

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Dubai & Abu Dhabi Look Forward to Booming Real Estate

The property market market in the United Arab Emirates, one of the hottest in the world, is set to continue until 2015 and beyond, according to new reports. Real estate and construction markets in the UAE are primarily focused on Dubai, which has been booming for several years, and the newer market of Abu Dhabi.

Two recent studies by HSBC and Damac Capital International of Dubai both indicate that supply will not catch up to demand for a number of years, keeping the markets strong.

Traditionally the most popular locations with second-home buyers and British investors are Spain and France but Dubai is beginning to rival them. Dubai investment property is attractive due to its tax-free status, excellent facilities and low crime rate.

International investors buying property in Dubai need to concentrate their search for properties in Dubai to the many Freehold Areas in Dubai.

Properties that are suitable for foreign buyers include the following freehold zones: Dubai Sports City , Dubai Marina , I.M.P.Z. International Media Production Zone , Jumeirah Village , The Palm Jumeirah, Shaikh Zayed Road, International City, The Lagoons, Palm Deira, Jebel Ali Airport, Emirates Road, Dubai Land ,Business Bay ,Downtown Dubai and much more

Recently Dubai developers have had to comply with a new piece of legislation Law No 8. This makes escrow accounts compulsory for all Dubai off-plan developments, with money released only on the order of the Dubai Land Department. This move marks an end to the days when any developer could launch a project and collect deposits without a guarantee that the funds would be used correctly. Many pundits feel that this could slow the Dubai market but increase confidence with investors

Middle East online news website reports that Dubai will continue to be a strong real estate market, while Abu Dhabi is set to take off. Rental yields in Abu Dhabi are expected to be in excess of 7% until at least 2013 and perhaps beyond.

According to Damac Capital’s analysts Hany Seif and Pamela Chikhani, Dubai will remain a major Gulf real estate market for years to come. By some estimates, over the next 10 years both local and international real estate investors will pump in almost $300 billion into Dubai’s real estate developments. According to HSBC’s real estate analysts, Walid Khalfallah and Majid Azza, Abu Dhabi is becoming a major regional real estate market. “The Abu Dhabi story is gaining credibility. After a slow start to the year, sales activity has picked up in the second half of 2007. The market remains extremely tight, with stronger-than-expected growth in rents [22 per cent] and prices [18 per cent],” they said in a recent report.

Abu Dhabi does not have the liberal international property laws that neighboring Dubai has yet, but things are improving there. The office market is particularly strong and vacancy rates are below 1%. With increased deregulation, Abu Dhabi will continue to gain ground on its more prominent neighbor. Both should see strong growth in the coming years.

Author Nicholas Marr is CEO

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Blood & Tears: The Arab-Israeli Conflict

  • After serving nine years in prison for the revenge-murder of an opposing gang member, Dyno returns home. He is torn between his loyalty to his gang family and his loyalty to his wife and daughter. Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: DOCUMENTARIES Rating: NR Age: 821575550352 UPC: 821575550352 Manufacturer No: TF-55035

Product Description
Like an open wound that will not heal the Arab-Israeli conflict refuses to be resolved. Blood and Tears uncovers the truth beneath the hype and the headlines. Rosmarin and his team of Middle East experts have gone right to the source: the ministers and mullahs, the fanatics and peaceniks, the soldiers and terrorists, and the ordinary families battling extraordinary forces as they try to live a normal life. Top officials from both sides are interviewed, from former Israeli Prime Ministers to senior Palestinian officials to the leaders of the militant extremist group Hamas. They have also interviewed experts, like renowned Mideast scholars Bernard Lewis, and the foremost Palestinian scholar Rashid Khalidi. Blood and Tears explores the origin of the confrontation itself, and challenges many of the most deep-rooted myths we all hold about this epicenter of human conflict.

Blood & Tears: The Arab-Israeli Conflict

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A World I Loved: The Story of an Arab Woman

Product Description

“This is my story, the story of an Arab woman. It is the story of a lost world. It begins in 1917, in Lebanon, when I was seven years old.” So opens this haunting memoir by Wadad Makdisi Cortas, who eloquently describes her personal experience of the events that have fractured the Middle East over the past century.

Through Cortas’ eyes we experience life in Lebanon under the oppressive French mandate, and her desire to forge an Arab identity based on religious tolerance. We learn of her dedication to the education of women, and the difficulties that she overcomes to become the principal of a school in Lebanon. And in final, heartbreaking detail, we watch as her world becomes rent by the “Palestine question,” Western interference, and civil war.

The World I Loved is both an elegy on Lebanon and her people, and the unforgettable story of one woman’s journey from hope to sorrow as she bears painful witness to the undoing of her beloved country by sectarian and religious division.

A World I Loved: The Story of an Arab Woman

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Abu Dhabi – A Unique And Captivating Destination

Abu Dhabi, literally meaning ‘the Father of Gazelle,’ is the wealthiest as well as the largest of all the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE.) It covers about 85 percent of the overall landmass of the nation.

Once a typical village, Abu Dhabi has now been transformed into a top class international resort with remarkable skyline, state of the art infrastructure, upscale hotels, splendid villas, and high-end shopping complexes, since its founding of the large amount of revenues from oil, about 50 years ago.

The capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is the center of administration, commerce, and trade in the nation, and is perhaps the world’s richest city. Located in the heart of the Middle East, Abu Dhabi is not only one of the world’s most prominent tourist destinations but also it is home to people from several nations. Al though a modern settlement, Abu Dhabi is much favored for its traditional desert ambience as well as unique culture.

Attractions in Abu Dhabi range from elegant forts and stunning mosques with domes and minarets to cultural villages and interesting museums and zoo. Perhaps the most popular among the landmarks in Abu Dhabi is the Al Hosn Palace, popularly known as the White Fort. Erected during the 18th century as the ruling family’s residence, the palace stands out for its stunning courtyard and stupendous tile works found on the main gate.

Housed within the palace is a museum, with several sections such as natural history area with exhibits that are related to desert animals and historical section featuring displays dating back to historic period, apart from several other artifacts including pottery. Displayed on the tower of the palace are weapons used during the past times. Adjacent to the palace is a modern complex designed and built in traditional style, namely, Cultural Foundation – the center of cultural life in Abu Dhabi. It is also home to the Center for Documentation and Research, under the control of the Cultural Foundation. The center, in turn, has on display an array of documents that throw light on the rich history and heritage.

Situated in the heart of Abu Dhabi on the Breakwater is the Heritage Village, which provides a deep insight into the tradition as well as lifestyle of Bedouin. In other words, taking a visit to the village is a great way to have an idea on how people lived here prior to the discovery of the oil reserves.

Among the specialties of this attraction are ancient type courtyard houses built with brick, traditional mosques, wind towers, ancient irrigation system, and shopping in traditional style market. Even opportunities are made available for a camel ride. A museum can also be seen here, where a selection of items collected from bygone era such as Holy Quran, coins, jewelry, and weapons are displayed.

One can also see here people engaged in different types of traditional skills. Another great attraction in Abu Dhabi is the Corniche, a well-maintained area which is considered the most pictorial sites in the destination. Apart from these, tree-lined boulevards, serene parks, and well-manicured roundabouts, also form part of the city’s attractions.

Abu Dhabi is also within easy reach of such landmarks in the country as Liwa Oasis, which is one of the largest of its kind in Arabia and consisting of date plantations as well as refreshing water pools; Jabel Hafit, a rocky mountain much famed for its rare flora and fauna, interesting caves, archeological sites, and above all, the health resort of Ain Al Fayda; Al Ain Museum, the largest museum in the country, with exhibits such as Bedouin items, ancient stone instruments, and relics revealed from Fossil Valley; Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium, a must-see attraction for wild life lovers, since it has animals collected from all over the world; and Qattarah Oasis, a tranquil area noted for its fruit orchards and date palms.

Above all, the activities that can be enjoyed in Abu Dhabi are endless, from shopping in the chic shopping malls to quibbling in the traditional market, roaming in a luxurious limo to riding in a camel in the desert, and dining in first class restaurants serving multi cuisines to sampling authentic as well as sumptuous Arabic cuisine.

It is no wonder why people from every nook and corner of the world visit here year round. Hence, Abu Dhabi has accommodation options to cater to every taste and budget. No matter it is for business or conference needs, honeymoon, or for leisurely purposes, the city has superb choices.

Hong Kong-based Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts currently owns and manages 54 hotels under Shangri-La and Traders brands with a rooms inventory of over 27,000. Shangri-La hotels are five-star deluxe properties featuring extensive luxury facilities and services.

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Megayacht Industry Tips Abu Dhabi Yacht Show For ‘Big Three’ Ranking

Megayacht Industry Tips Abu Dhabi Yacht Show For ‘Big Three’ Ranking The world’s biggest megayacht industry players are tipping Abu Dhabi Yacht Show (ADYS), the Middle East’s only show dedicated to super and megayachts, as the next big thing after sector-leading Monaco and Fort Lauderdale events with high potential for builders and brokers of vessels over 80m. Read more on Zawya

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