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Medical Tourism doesn’t Put Patient at Risk, Poor Planning does” says Dr Prem – Author of Medical Tourism Guidebook

Recently media has been ablaze of reported stories regarding medical tourism of botch surgeries, lack of legal recourse for patients and post-operative complications. All these stories have led several patients to believe that medical tourism is unsafe and leads to risk. Addressing this issue, Dr Prem Jagyasi, author of recently launched Medical Tourism Guidebook argues that travelling across borders to access healthcare won’t put a patient at risk, rather the lack of meticulous planning and preparation will. He emphasised that medical tourism is an age-old concept that has been occurring since the period before Christ.

According to the recent medical tourism research conducted by Dr. Prem, a staggering 94% of industry experts think that medical tourism has yet to reach its full potential. While, 59% of them believe that accessing reliable information is big hurdle in the growth of Medical Tourism.

To help address this knowledge deficit, Dr. Prem Jagyasi has launched a comprehensive Medical Tourism Guide (Health Tourism Guide) to educate patients and provide an accurate resource for consumers.

Dr. Prem’s Guidebook – Medical Tourism is an initiative to provide a comprehensive source of information for anyone considering medical travel. The book is aimed for consumers, but it also works as a reference guide for industry experts. It includes key information on deciding for medical travel and 20 essential planning and preparation steps for the entire medical journey. It also highlights the top medical tourism destinations around the world and common medical procedures that patients travel for. Finally, the book is enhanced with checklists and recommendations to further enhance the reading and understanding of this burgeoning industry. The Medical Tourism Guidebook is part of Dr Prem’s Guidebook Series.

The Medical Tourism Guide book is available for a free preview at, user can also watch video guide on same site to know more about medical tourism.

About Dr Prem Jagyasi

A successful entrepreneur, healthcare leader and experienced strategic professional, Dr Prem Jagyasi is a renowned Chartered Management, Healthcare Marketing and Medical Tourism Consultant. Providing high-profile consultancy services to Government authorities and private healthcare organizations, Dr. Prem Jagyasi is a noticeably leading medical tourism consultant in the world. Currently, He is MD CEO of ExHealth, a Dubai HealthCare City based firm engaged in offering multi-dimensional healthcare solutions in international domain and founder of Global Healthcare Network.

Contact Dr Prem –

Source: Business Wire India



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