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The Arab Lands under Ottoman Rule: 1516-1800

ISBN13: 9780582418998 Condition: NEW Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark. Product Description This is an essential addition to the shelves of any student of Middle Eastern and Ottoman history.  The first comprehensive English-language survey of the pre-modern Arab world to be published in forty years. The first comprehensive English-language survey of the pre-modern […]

The Arab Lands in the Ottoman Era

Product DescriptionThis second volume in the series Minnesota Studies in Early Modern History brings together eleven original studies in the history of the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire. One of world history s largest, longest-lived, and most influential empires, the Ottoman Empire controlled the Balkans, Anatolia, and most of the Middle East throughout the […]

Arabs and Young Turks: Ottomanism, Arabism, and Islamism in the Ottoman Empire, 1908-1918

Product DescriptionArabs and Young Turks provides a detailed study of Arab politics in the late Ottoman Empire as viewed from the imperial capital in Istanbul. In an analytical narrative of the Young Turk period (1908-1918) historian Hasan Kayali discusses Arab concerns on the one hand and the policies of the Ottoman government toward the Arabs […]

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