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Buddhism and Islam on the Silk Road

Product Description

In the contemporary world the meeting of Buddhism and Islam is most often imagined as one of violent confrontation. Indeed, the Taliban’s destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas in 2001 seemed not only to reenact the infamous Muslim destruction of Nalanda monastery in the thirteenth century but also to reaffirm the stereotypes of Buddhism as a peaceful, rational philosophy and Islam as an inherently violent and irrational religion. But if Buddhist-Muslim history was simply repeated instances of Muslim militants attacking representations of the Buddha, how had the Bamiyan Buddha statues survived thirteen hundred years of Muslim rule?

Buddhism and Islam on the Silk Road demonstrates that the history of Buddhist-Muslim interaction is much richer and more complex than many assume. This groundbreaking book covers Inner Asia from the eighth century through the Mongol empire and to the end of the Qing dynasty in the late nineteenth century. By exploring the meetings between Buddhists and Muslims along the Silk Road from Iran to China over more than a millennium, Johan Elverskog reveals that this long encounter was actually one of profound cross-cultural exchange in which two religious traditions were not only enriched but transformed in many ways.

Buddhism and Islam on the Silk Road

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Off Road Driving in Abu Dhabi – are you ready for the challenge?

Just a little over 50 years ago, Abu Dhabi was no more than a fishing village with a fort, some coral buildings and endless desserts dotted with oases. As the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi does not hold as much world prominence as neighbouring Dubai. However, it offers a more traditional approach to Arabian living, and the skies are dominated by gleaming skyscrapers, the shopping is just as exceptional and the food divine! Some of the great places to see whilst on holiday include, the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village, Cultural Foundation, Emirates Palace, Corniche Park, Qasr al-Husn and the Women’s Handicraft Centre. Shopping in Abu Dhabi is exceptional at the Deira City Centre and Marina Mall Tower, whilst dining opportunities offers itself from local delicacies to international fast food chains.

Expanses of dessert surround Abu Dhabi, and there is no better thrill than doing some off road driving. The activity is so popular that today it has become a sport, and the annual competition of the Abu Dhabi Dessert Challenge, which is the closing event of the FIM Cross Country Rallies World Championships and FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup. A collection of cars, bikes and trucks partake in this event each year. Driving on what is locally known as ‘wadis’ or dessert trails is easy, but once you take your 4WD off the road, the drive becomes more challenging and it always advisable to have a second vehicle at hand, along with an experienced driver who is familiar with the terrain. A book guide is available called the UAE Off-Road Explorer, which is quite useful. Tour operators can also be easily found to take your on your off road drive in the Abu Dhabi dessert. The challenges are exhilarating and the techniques are entirely different to driving on the road, so if you are up for the adventure, there is no better place to start, than Abu Dhabi dessert!

Planning a trip to Abu Dhabi? There are many accommodation options in Abu Dhabi to choose from. But none stands out like the Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi that offers a fine array of rooms and suites that cater to families, groups and individuals. A better known five star hotel from the many Abu Dhabi hotels available in the city, Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi also provides the additional service of babysitting your children if required.

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