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Dubai Food Festival 2009 from 1st Feb

Dubai Food Festival will start from the 1st February. The food festival is one of the most Important event of Dubai this year. There are numerous activities planned for the 14 days event wilch will end on 14th Feb just after the valentine day.

The Dubai Food Festival is its 3rd year and being one of the official events of Dubai Shopping Festival DSF09, this year the festival will be filled with market stalls offering food to buy and food to eat in during event. Shops for cheese, olive-oils, preserves, jams, chutneys, pickles and other exotic foods. From roasts to paella there will be plenty of street food. Restaurants too will take to the street with dishes from across the UAE

Heighlights of the DUbai Food Festival 2009

Sampling Sundays, 1st Feb & 8th Feb 2009 from 5 PM to 7 PM. Here is a sampling of recipes from a variety of sources.
 Buffet Tuesdays, 3rd Feb & 10th Feb 2009 from 7 PM to 9 PM.A choice of 40 delicious delicacies for AED 40 only.
 Live Cooking Tents,Since its inception, the Dubai Food Festival has encouraged a broad range of restaurant participants. Whether it is white linen or no linen, five-stars or those measured in the peanut shells on the floor! Not to mention the diversity of restaurants from Calzones to Shwarmas, Biryanis to Burgers. You can eat your way through regions- no passport required.
 Food Market,the festival isnt just about eating- Its about the entire experience while strolling the streets of the festival. A great place for amazing buys and an area that is proud to say you will definitely not find it at any super market.
 The Demonstration Area, This area is a marquee set up at the festival; it hosts a rolling programme of cookery demonstrations between and everyday – along with some additional tastings. This area will also host the various competitions that will be held during the period of the Dubai Food Festival.
 Competitions, A popular annual event, this competition is aimed at young chefs who are keen to demonstrate their abilities. All the ingredients will be provided and participants will have to prepare a dish from beginning to end.
 Friends of the festival, Do you have specialist skills or knowledge that would be helpful? This area will play host to everyone who wants to showcase their culinary skills. They will not be restaurants.. But housewives and people who enjoy being a part of a food event. An opportunity to become involved in a practical way by participating in the festival. The sense of belonging to a highly successful food festival


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