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Burj Khalifa Window cleaning video

Rather them than me.


  1. go on the oficail site of the building there you can see all things,they are writing the refugess of the building!

  2. Mother of GOD!!! thats got to be the worse job in the world, those guys must have nerves of steel. I’d probably be freaked out just takin the elevator to the top floor… just knowing theres over 2,600 feet of empty elevator shaft below you 0.0

  3. thank to Allah that you noticed about your mistake,i am sure that after you know exactly what is the meaning of Mulhid made u feel sorry.. anyway i hope Allah forgive you and me and all muslims … Ameeen..

  4. @zooloofox Brother I want to say sorry to you for using harsh word. Now I am feeling really pity for using such word ‘Mulhid’. I was not meant to say that. May Allah forgive me. I hope you will consider my mistake….

  5. Yes brother I have HASAD in my heart…..

    But let me make it clear that this HASAD is for those Mujahideen and brave Muslims who are fighting against crusaders. It is my utmost desire to become like them..

    As far as your dirty money wasting, time wasting hobbies are concerned I just pray to Allah that save me from such sickness

    That is the reason our Prophet (SAW) have made it the sign of Qayamah. People like you are not even willing to accept these money wasting a sin..!

    May Allah guide us.

  6. if only defferent opinions makes you accused somebody u dont know as a mulhid!! i think you are sick,the sickness is in your heart and its called HASAD!

  7. You know that Prophet (SAW) has said that Muslim are brothers to each other. If one Muslim is in pain then all others feel the pain.

    You know very well that a crusade is ongoing against Muslims. Millions of Muslims have lost their lives in this crusade.

    Muslims need help, weapons, armies and modern equipment to fight those crusaders. When these nonsense arab shaikhs waste their money on such things then it really hurts me….

    Try to think as a Muslim, not as ‘Mulhid’…..

  8. i dont understand what is the purpose of making joke on this video.especially it’s taken before the opening of the burj! i dont think after the opning they will do the same way of cleaning.any way we will see!!!

  9. ha ha all that money on the building and they cant come up with some tech solution to clean it

  10. First of all, Dubai isn’t the country, it’s a city in the country of UAE. The currency used in the UAE is Dirhams.

  11. what direct evidence for islam, im convinced!

    honestly if you believe in something that will happily punish you for eternity if you dont become their slave, then good for you!

    anyways good vid, they should have rotating windows to wash from the inside, bit costly though :)

  12. This is one of the signs of ‘Qayamah’ that people of desert will compete each other on making tallest buildings. This was told by our beloved Prophet (SAW) 1400 years ago……

    Shame on those who are wasting their money on such a pity things. Anyways they will be questioned by Allah in ‘Akhirah’…….


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