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Keiser on ‘Tsunami alert’: Dubai debt crisis awakes storm?

Fresh fears over the size of Dubai’s debt have sent shock waves through international markets, with major stocks and oil prices falling sharply. Dubai World, the country’s largest conglomerate, wants to suspend payment on its sixty billion dollar debts until next May at the earliest. rt’s financial contributor Max Keiser says the World is entering the Phase Two of the global economic crisis.


  1. @jprahhal
    So true! but it’s not the people to me but the powers that control it all even our Gov. whether blackmail or not. Ya know if those in power were honest they couldn’t be blackmailed, even if they did do something wrong, fess up to it move forward and do better. I guess there pocket book means more though so they become cowards.
    I am currently reading the Lost Books of the Bible and I see now why they were taken out when Satan speaks of the Jews it’s an eye opener!

  2. @readmuch yeah i decided to stay, it would be cowardly of me to run. It’s scary the way things are spiraling downward faster and faster, sooner or later they are gonna sell the war on iran. We need to stop supporting Israel. They just take and take and only give bloodshed and turmoil. who shoots rockets from a helicopter at kids throwing rocks? i mean c’mon.

  3. @jprahhal
    It is unfortunate isn’t it. That is why there are so many foriegn troops in the states that we’re not suppose to be privy about because they won’t hesitate to shoot U or Me. It’s also why most of our troops are sent over sea’s because they won’t be so quick to do it against their own people.
    We really do have the most corrupt people running the World don’t we. Sick basterds! Or are they the smartest since so many don’t see the bigger picture, even when it slaps them in the face.

  4. yeah i hope we are able to do something about it without resorting to violence because this revolution will be different. The military industrial complex is what like 15-30 years more advanced in technology? maybe more? and 15% of us will easily be hunted down and exterminated.

  5. @jprahhal
    It is sad isn’t it, I will never understand the people’s disassociation to what is going on around them. It will bite em in the ass hiding from it and I will suffer too. The tea party and all the truth seekers can’t do it all like during the American revolution when only 15% did the fighting, I guess not much has changed except the force we’re up against.
    Freedom is not FREE!

  6. @readmuch rothschild/rockafeller yeah they always end up ahead of the whole world, we are their slaves…………………im leaving america i think, i’d love to stay and fight with my brothers, but it seems nobody even cares out here…..its so sad……why doesnt anyone care!!!!!

  7. a few months ago I was researching 9-11 truth when I was messaged by FALLOUT2029 & JONKEY2012 at that point they/he (maybe the same person) told me I should copy an paste peoples screen names like he did and report them the GOVNT officials for money. When I told them I was NOT interested the harassment began. since then they offered to Not report me if I sent them NUDE pics of myself FALLOUT2029 told to me that he IS a convicted PEDOPHILE and JOHNKEY2012 has told me he is HIV POSITIVE.

  8. errrm i wanted to say that never ever in dubais history came a wave at least about 3m hight

    how about 5 years ago thats what im talking about

  9. So are the Rockefellers picking up value selling Gold where the Rothschild’s have over extended using Fiat currencies across the globe.
    Both are no good so I would wonder if there is a partnership of some kind between the two family’s.
    They haven’t lost a gamble yet really that I recall and both control most of the world.
    We the people of the world always end up the big loser, for their gain.

  10. if you look at the ticker on their footage of the nyse floor it is atleast 2 years old. comon rt even your footage of the burj dubai doesnt show it in its complete state. comon rt tighten up.

  11. I have to say, RussiaToday is quite impressive when compared to American corporate news channels.

    Is this a major news channel in Russia or more like The Real News Network or something?

  12. so you wasted all this time just to say you don’t like my opinion. brilliant! now tell us something interesting yourself since you’re so original .

  13. @Rythmboy way to state the obvious, if you are going to comment. Please commit with saying something in more depth or with an actual original opinion that hasn’t been said before. Thanks.

  14. el que mucho abarca
    poco aprieta

    put small arms around a realy big person
    not enough reach no even good grip

  15. its going to get worse for the middle esastern countries,oil its going to get cheaper by the introduction of the electric
    good for the planet
    not good for their pockets
    who will follow?

  16. You are right the USA does require more new debt then this 60 billions in less then a month.

    But Dubai does not have something. The skyscraper will rot in the sand because they are so extremely expensive to maintain. Have you heard that Burj Dubai is a 100% death trap in case of a AirCon failure/Blackout. It heats up to 90° in less then 20min. Not enough time to evacuate the upper floors. And not a single window in the whole tower can be opened manually.

  17. “very stupid of the banks and investors”

    Well you can’t say one without the other. There seems to be a banker gene which is reponsible for loosing any kind of rational sense when a bubble is coming up.

  18. Well they have the port which is quite busy and they have a large financial industry. How many of the skyscrapers in the City of London are occupied?

    But is this enough for Dubai, i would say definitely not. And without the glamour the bankers will go to Singapour or stay in London/NYC.

  19. looking at all those skyscrapers being built I have to ask myself if anybody actually occupies them. There’s nothing backing dubai’s economy except for tourism. In my opinion, that place is a big house of cards that’s about to fall down.

  20. Impeach OBAMA! Subscribe and e-sign the petition so we can force congress to investigate possible war and civil crimes. Where is the change? This isn’t a race issue, so don’t make it one. It’s a matter of the masses demanding answers. No more lies and secrets! Its time to come clean Obama.


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