The world’s tallest skyscraper unveiled – The Burj Dubai

25 thoughts on “The world’s tallest skyscraper unveiled – The Burj Dubai

  1. lol government bonds mean jack shit ha hai would rather get given peanuts than bonds from the us at least i wouldnt go hungry their worthless

  2. what do you think the odds r that someone crashes a plain into it? Im just glad that no one was that braindead to build it here in america. it would be gone before it got up.

  3. “When the world called for a stupid construction project, Dubai stepped up and delivered and when the world didn’t call for one, they stepped up and delivered one anyway…They did it not because it was needed but because it wasn’t needed.”
    – Bugle 97

  4. Elavatorsin this building are mal-functioning. People getting trapped between floors,stuck in elavators,elavators dropping unexpectedly.

  5. In terms of world attrocities Turkey and the USA are fighting for the number 1 position…With regard to us Americans, if it gets in our way, we get rid of “it”…just quitetly, and made to look like an accident…slaughtering all those native americans was far to public!

  6. Sorry for those ignorant americans that know nothing about the world but from what they hear on the news…our news here is all sensationalism and americans can’t keep attention unliess paris Hilton is on the news…so sad. I love the people of Dubai, they are the most forward, modern people in the world today. And yes…SHOCKER…I am just an average American, just a bit more educated!

  7. @ winlinmac001
    jalouse bitch, if you’re talking about damages and destroyed buildings in the PAST, who killed the native original citizens in 1492?

    Take a very deep dive in history books and you will see who’s the bad guy in this little world and who made usa big with it’s petroleum !!!

  8. Its an engineering marvel, but its ironic to see this kind of building opening up in an area known to house the origins of the man that destroyed the WTC.
    It is beginning to appear we each are trying to dominate each other and taking into account, “Survival of the Fittest.” I don’t believe in this trash at all.
    The past is the past. We all should live in the present now as this determines our way into the future.

  9. Dubai gehört zu den beeindruckensten Flecken der Erde, habe noch nie etwas so atemberaubendes gesehen. Bin vor einigen Tagen erst aus Dubai zurückgekommen und würde sofort wieder fliegen und ohne zu zögern sofort meine Sachen packen um dort zu leben. Einfach fantasitisch!!!

  10. Damn. Can we still have a revolution in America? Been a while since we had a home front war? How about a WWIII? Everybody sends 12 man teams to Antartica to decide

  11. Dubai looks like a nice place but everything was built on credit that’s y they are asking for bailouts homes lost more that 50% of there home value.
    America is doom too but that’s because that’s what they want, if u think America is going to pay there debt your fucked wrong they want to default but China and the rest of the countries wouldn’t let it. Because china will take the biggest hit so is Europe, UK, pretty much world wide, the U.S will become producers once again.

  12. @TheOwner23
    TheBullshit23 wt do u know about muslim??
    nthng only watching media that lie on u and on whose way of thinking like urs
    1 years old hheheeheh realy u r patient
    read from correct resources then come and speak about sharia.
    there is many educated gentel christians who respect people and relegions and am sorry for u becuase ur reflecting ur self and ur country…
    (read well and come comment)

  13. @ TheOwner23 : u hav been babbling bout dis ‘WESTERN TEHNOLOGY’
    its been the Muslim Scientists all along creating n discovring n laying da foundation of SCIENCE !
    n yeah bout arabs being lucky dat they hav OIL!
    so wel yeah ! they r n deres nothing u can do bout it fucktard so live with it n keep kissing da arab asses for OIL!

  14. i know , i just feel sorry for some people . we all live in the same world u know and we should all be good to each other and stop hating each other , it’s not about being a muslim or a christian and not about which country we come from ! it’s about being good and caring for others and wanting good things to happen to them as much as we want good things to happen to us =)

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