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2006 Country Profile and Guide to the United Arab Emirates

Product Description
Completely updated and revised for this new edition, our unique electronic book on DVD-ROM has an amazing collection of the finest federal documents and resources about the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Dubai, providing encyclopedic coverage of all aspects of the country. This disc provides a truly fantastic reference source, with over one hundred thousand pages reproduced in Adobe Acrobat format! This incredible and comprehensive series on the countries of the world contains material from the State Department, Department of Defense, White House, and cabinet agencies including Agriculture, Energy, and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. There is complete information about geography, people, government, the economy, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues. In addition to the nation-specific material, as a bonus we have included a huge collection of reports and documents about every country on the globe, with 271 nations, dependent areas, and other entities identified by the Central Intelligence Agency. We have full reproductions of the CIA Factbook through the latest edition, with archival versions dating back to 2000. The CIA World Factbook is considered an invaluable “world encyclopedia” reference book. From the Library of Congress, we reproduce an outstanding set of “country studies” covering subjects such as geography, society, economy, transportation and communications, government and politics, and national security. Supplemental material accompanying the Country Profiles includes photographs, tables, charts, graphs, and maps. Representative subheadings for Geography include Physical Environment, Topography, Climate, and Environmental Issues; subheadings for Society sections include Historical Setting, specific Historical periods, Society and its Environment, Geography, Population, Language, Structure of Society, Ethnic Groups, Religion and Culture, Rural Life, Migration, Urban Life, Architecture, The Arts, Education, and Social Dynamics; and subheadings for Economy sections include Growth and Structure, Role of Government, Agriculture, Industry, Infrastructure, and Foreign Economic Relations. From the State Department, we reproduce important regional affairs material, covering Africa, East Asia, Pacific, Europe, Eurasia, Near East, South Asia, and the Western Hemisphere. There is information on country offices, chiefs of mission, diplomats, and foreign embassies in America.

2006 Country Profile and Guide to the United Arab Emirates


  1. Very disappointed. Progressive Management wants you to think this is something published by the U.S. Government. My suggestion, save your money and use Google and the U.S. Government web sites and do your own research. The content on this DVD is pretty much worthless and not user friendly. It even links you to pages no longer available on the internet.
    Rating: 1 / 5


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