Accidents in Dubai

This is a short compilation clip of some of the accidents that take place in Dubai on a daily basis. Some of these are pretty shocking and you can only help but think, “What the hell were these idiots thinking??!!!” Hope the local government can do something to stop morons from trying to squeeze between two cars at breakneck speed on a highway! (You’ll see what I mean when you watch the video!)

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25 thoughts on “Accidents in Dubai

  1. if they dont know how to drive, why even bother picking a car? spare some lives and damages.

  2. ok….i hate it because it’s aaaaaaa ugly …i really don’t like it or i hate the most fucking russian language ohhh dude i hate it!!! it’s hard to learn and in the same time it is really ugly!!

  3. @wrathlog lmao I don’t speak it but when I hear it, it sounds really gangster actually. It sounds cool, not beautiful but way more manly than english.

  4. Dubai, awesome country, wish i could go there. These accidents happen all over the world. Thank you for sharing this video! Check mine eswell?

  5. thats quite scary, seeing as my dad drives those roads everyday. In dubai its never safe…… was in Dubai College yesterday , and a car drove into a barrier, and another car crashed into it then into a traffic light. It was quite shockin as it was next to the school during an athletics competition :/ drivers out there, please be careful and concentrate on what you are doing. which is driving….

  6. That country is filled with immature people believe me i saw wierder things than that -.-

  7. @WhitepwrItalian1
    shut du fuck up you rasist …..
    look what happens in your country ,bitch.
    You can built the best roads, best streets… but if there are faggots like that , wich cant control theyre cars …. there be always accidents ….just like that one ….

  8. Its not about driving license only but moral sense as well, no matter how much it takes you in your country to obtain the driving license, without good manners you might have an accident regardless how skilled driver you are

  9. @henerymag

    i gonna give you for each camel that u see in dubai 1 euro

    believe me u wont see one ;)

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