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Islam Revealed A Christian Arab’s View Of Islam

Product Description
Thumb through any newspaper, listen to any newscast, and the terms “Islamic Al Jihad” or “Shi’ite Muslims” will inevitably be linked with bombings, hijackings, and other terrorist acts. What do you know about this religion that boasts “the greatest joy is to kill and be killed for Allah”?

In Islam Revealed, Dr. Anis Shorrosh explains the driving force behind the fanatical, as well as the moderate and conservative sects of Islam. Drawing on his experience as a Palestinian-born Arab Christian and years of research and study, Dr. Shorrosh takes a hard look at an ever-growing religion that currently numbers 900 million members.

Through comparisons of Islam’s Quran and the Hebrew-Christian Bible, Dr. Shorrosh outlines the contradictions and inaccuracies that form the basis for the Muslims’ beliefs, and contrasts the turbulent life of Muhammad with the life of Jesus. In light of recent terrorist activities in America and the continuing tensions in the Middle East, Islam Revealed is a timely reference to the belief system of one in five people on earth.

Islam Revealed A Christian Arab’s View Of Islam


  1. DR. Anal (Anis)A.Shorrosh is credited with 4 highly respected university degrees (B.A. in Sociology,Master of Divinity,Doctor of Ministries,Doctor of Philosophy). However, in his recent critique of Islam Dr.Shorrosh unwittingly leaves his educational background highly suspect. For example, on page 188 Dr.Shorrosh violates the law of non-contradiction (Something cannot be A and non-A at the same time in the same respect):

    “In other words, no matter what ones religion is, it does not provide the ultimate reality. A person needs a relationship with Christ Jesus because only He can satisfy our souls.”

    This can be formulated as follows:

    1.No religion provides the ultimate reality
    2.Christianity is a religion
    3.Christianity provides the ultimate reality

    Clearly, the premise and conclusion in Dr.Shorrosh statement contradict each other. Therefore, this statement as presented by Shorrosh as a case for Christianity is invalid. It is my opinion that if one wishes to research the subject of Islam & Christianity steer clear away from any and all of Dr.Shorrosh books !!!!!!!!!!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. For all those who are interested in reading this book (after reading the glowing tributes paid to it by ignorant and biased christians) please note that the author is a proven and blatant LIAR. If you are truly in search of truth and not simply looking to strengthen what you want to believe( as must be the case with most of the people writing here) then you owe it to yourself to at least know about this man more before taking his word for the truth. Read his book but please visit to purchase a video of a stunning debate that took place between dr anis and sheikh ahmed deedat (a famous muslim sholar)as a companion peace to this book. Believe me you will learn a lot more that way…that is if you really are in search of TRUTH!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Shorrosh and other Christian authors like him can only succeed in convincing and getting applause from biased Christians who know nothing of Islam in the first place.

    Little do Christians know that Shorrosh was defeated on several occassions in a debate held at the Royal Albert Hall against the Great Muslim Speaker, Ahmed Deedat.

    Shorrosh loves to take quranic ayats out of text and apply it for his own use. Before critizing Islam, I would suggest Shorrosh and other ignorant Christians who love to join in his chorus look at your own bible and religion, and explain the various contradictions and erroneous theories which belittle science and the human mind.

    May be thats the reason Christians are coming in droves and converting to Islam. And that is why Shorrosh becomes ever more desperate to come up with a fictitious book such as this one.

    The book was Hilarious. Two Thumbs up for comedy :)
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. Everyone knows that the … who wrote this book is merely doing it out of his own self interest. He thinks he can profit from the 9-11 attacks. It is obvious that this man is disregarding the fact that the majority of practicing muslims are good people, and …, who commit their actions due to political motives (not religious), do not represent what Islam is all about. Besides, more blood has been spilt on this earth in the name of Christianity than any other religion (I myself am Christian). Maybe I should write a book “Christianity Revealed.” TONS OF BIAS. Better off asking a real source for true information.
    Rating: 1 / 5


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