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The Lessons Of Modern War: Volume I: The Arab-israeli Conflicts, 1973-1989

Product Description
Part of a three-volume study of the military events and lessons of major international conflicts. The series covers a range of topics from combatants and terrain to chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. This volume covers the Arab-Israeli conflicts that have plagued the region since 1973.

The Lessons Of Modern War: Volume I: The Arab-israeli Conflicts, 1973-1989


  1. This book is the first of a series of 4 books chronicling modern conflict.

    Vol 1. The Arab Israeli Conflicts 1973-1989.

    Vol 2. The Iran-Iraq war.

    Vol 3. The Falklands and Afghanistan.

    Vol 4. The Gulf war.

    These books provide an in depth analysis of the various forces engaged in the conflicts and the losses sustained by both sides. The authors have studied the weapons systems employed and the tactics used, and from these have drawn their conclusions on what was the route cause of success or failure in these modern military conflicts.

    The authors conclusions are hardly mind shattering but they are sensible. Based on what happened and without an agenda.

    Aside from errors concerning the Blowpipe missile (which manages to make an appearance in nearly all the wars) and its vulnerability to flares, (it isn’t vulnerable at all) and the failure of this type of missile against crossing targets. (The operator’s not the system itself) The books are quite accurate and thoroughly researched.

    These series of books are a valuable tool for any student of modern conflict.
    Rating: 4 / 5


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