The Prophet & the Messiah : An Arab Christian’s Perspective on Islam & Christianity

Product Description
In an age of media distortion and widespread stereotypes, Christians and Muslims both need a greater understanding of each other’s faith. What do Christians believe about the Bible? What do Muslims believe about the Qur’an? And what do both Christianity and Islam have to say about Jesus and Muhammad?

In this evenhanded and conciliatory book Chawkat Moucarry calls Christians and Muslims to engage in genuine dialogue, urging them to relate to each other with true humility and respect. In a straightforward fashion he describes and compares the central doctrines of both Christianity and Islam, explaining key beliefs and debunking common misconceptions.

Christians who read this book will learn much about Islam. Likewise, Muslims who read it will discover why Christians are convinced of the truth of Christianity. Sure to provide grist for informed discussions, this rare book is one that both Muslims and Christians can fruitfully study together.

“Writing out of a rich experience of interfaith dialogue in both Arabic and European cultures, Chawkat Moucarry issues a stirring challenge to Christians and Muslims to move beyond mutual ignorance and caricature. His book is itself an example of sensitive, humble yet bold engagement with Islamic beliefs, and should be pondered by Muslims and Christians alike.” Vinoth Ramachandra, author of Faiths in Conflict?

“Chawkat Moucarry shows courage in arriving at clear answers to difficult questions through meticulous and rational argumentation, while striving to demonstrate the greatest sensitivity and respect for those who would reach alternative answers. This important work will serve as a valuable new resource for Christian-Muslim interaction. Adherents of both faiths should read it and use it as a key reference point in diverse contexts of interfaith dialogue.” Peter Riddell, Centre for Islamic Studies, London Bible College

The Prophet & the Messiah : An Arab Christian’s Perspective on Islam & Christianity