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A History of Egypt: From the Arab Conquest to the Present

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Egypt occupies a central position in the Arab world. Its borders between sand and sea have existed for millennia and yet, until 1952, the country was ruled by foreigners. Afaf al-Sayyid Marsot explores the paradoxes of Egypt’s history in a new edition of her successful A Short History of Modern Egypt. Charting the years from the Arab conquest, through the age of the Mamluks, Egypt’s incorporation into the Ottoman Empire, the liberal experiment in constitutional government in the early twentieth century, followed by the Nasser and Sadat years, the new edition takes the story up to the present day. During the Mubarak era, Egyptians have seen major changes with the rise of globalization and its effects on their economy, the advent of new political parties, the entrenchment of Islamic fundamentalism and the consequent changing attitudes to women. This short history is ideal for students and travelers.

A History of Egypt: From the Arab Conquest to the Present


  1. This is a concise history of Egypt that was just the right length (and physical size, for the carry-on bag) for a flight from the US to Egypt. Keep in mind, however, that it is not a tourist’s book (it can’t be used for planning day trips) and is a bit dry in writing style. A good book, though, well worth the price.
    Rating: 4 / 5


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