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From Veils To Thongs: An Arab Chick’s Survival Guide to Balancing One’s Ethnic Identity in America

Product Description
Finally, Americans have an alternative to the overdramatic portrayals of Arabs! This lighthearted book takes you on a fun-filled journey inside the “kooky” minds of those mysterious people! ———————————————————– Arabic women deal with very serious issues that they often feel powerless to change. Western women are raised to be extremely assertive and even fight for her rights. One who is both Arab and American is very often, very confused. Her one foot is planted firmly in a traditional world whose cultural rules haven’t changed in over 2,000 years. Her other foot is skidding on a thin piece of ice, the mega-liberal free-for-all, called America. And she is trying to balance walking on both. This hilarious, lighthearted survival guide explains how to retain one’s sanity in the battle of the ultimate culture clash, and offers hilarious explanations as to why we have absurd cultural rules such as arranged marriages. Best of all, Westerners not only finally have a practical tool in which to better understand us and our wacky ways, but they too, can find answers. Like us, many Americans are struggling in this escalating socio-political cultural war. They are torn between conservatism and liberalism, tradition and progression, fidelity and fun, flats and pumps! It’s hard to balance it all. It really is. Contrasting Eastern traditions with Western ideas, V2T explains how to function when one’s conservative ethnic side is at war with their liberal Western side.

From Veils To Thongs: An Arab Chick’s Survival Guide to Balancing One’s Ethnic Identity in America


  1. Dalel has a way of writing that mimics her talking to her best friends. I remember this from long ago – and she has not changed a bit!

    Her sense of humor in dealing with the issues of the book really make this a fun read as well I found myself wanting to read more after I had finished parts of it.

    Definately worht the read.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. I recommend this book for anyone who, having Mediterranean Heritage, would love a little more insight into the culture- the place may be a different locale, but the gist is the same – your Aunties get you “fixed up”, you marry someone who understands your culture and loves your food, and mainly YOU come to understand your self/culture even more. Now you know why you don’t run on “American time” – you’re always late even when you try not to be; you take twenty minutes to say goodbye to someone – just because there’s soooo much more to talk about; you have that internal beat that just takes off when you hear music; you’re related to everyone! If you enjoyed My Big Fat Greek Wedding this book is better than you can imagine. You’ll find the author’s sense of humor is highly contagious and you’ll be laughing long after you finish the book!!!
    Rating: 5 / 5


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