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Bridges To Islam: A Christian Perspective on Folk Islam

Product Description
In the acclaimed book Muslim Evangelism, Phil Parshall devotes one chapter to “bridges which can assist in facilitating understanding between Islam and Christianity.” In Bridges to Islam he expands that key chapter into a book. The most promising bridges can be found not in orthodox Islam, contends the author, but in “folk Islam,” which is less well known in the West but which influences about 70 percent of the world’s Muslims. Popular Islam consists largely of people “who desire to know God and to be accepted by him,” writes the author. “They have a high view of one God who is . . . all-powerful and merciful.” The mystical Sufis press for a more satisfying personal relationship with Allah. These teachings and aspirations, argues the author, have immense potential as bridges, which he has personally witnessed spending many years ministering among Muslims. This thorough and in depth study of ways to bridge folk Islam will be invaluable to missionaries, students, and those interested in reaching Muslims for Christ.

Bridges To Islam: A Christian Perspective on Folk Islam


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Amazing dubai beautiful desert by hot air balloon ( falcon show ) and camel ride i love emirates.