Islam and World Peace: Explanations of a Sufi

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Islam means, literally, submission to the compassionate will of God. How could it have come to signify something so altogether different in the world today? It becomes clear throughout Islam and World Peace that the original Islam being spoken of by Bawa Muhaiyaddeen is as different from the news headlines as were the teachings of Saint Francis from the Inquisition. We think you will find this perspective both refreshing and thought provoking.

Islam and World Peace: Explanations of a Sufi

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  1. the book was written before 911, the great watershed yr. in islamic history.

    also he was a sufi. they are the mystics of islam & imo the least objectionable of muslims. many of their number were killed by mainstream muslims for getting too cozy w. allah. i think especially of al hallaj one of the baghdad mystics

    its more appropriate to write of islamic pieces than peace
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  2. Taqiyya is the Islamic doctrine of deceiving non-Muslims about the true nature of Islam. This book will misguide non-Muslims.

    For the truth about Islam, read the following books:

    [1] “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam” by Robert Spencer

    [2] “Religion of Peace? Islam’s War Against the World” by David Gregory

    [3] “Understanding Muhammad: A Psychobiography” by Ali Sina

    Also visit these websites:


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  3. I would like to make a correction to Objective Reader’s review, entitled “a Taqiyya fest”, specifically his unenlightened definition of Taqiyya. Taqiyya refers specifically to the idea of guarding oneself against persecution by masquing or hiding one’s religious beliefs. This ‘guarding against’ is generally performed in an environment of religious persecution, and historically refers to the Shia and, more specifically, the Ismailis, and their attempts to hold onto their beliefs in a predominantly Sunni muslim environment. Taqiyya has thus nothing to do with hiding the ‘secret agenda’ of Islam from the West.

    Indeed, it is extremely bigoted to speak of ‘Islam’ as a monolithic entity interested in hiding its true, overarching secret agenda from Western ‘infidels’. Such a right-wing conspiracy theorist approach to Islam gives no consideration to the actual diversity and multiplicitiy of differing sects, ideas and theologies within Islam. Need it be said that Sufism-the central feature of the book in question-has historically proven antagonistic to those more literal and ‘fundamentalist’ understandings of Islam (and are actively admonished by a number of Islamic fundamentalist groups). Thus, read Islam and World Peace not from the blinkered and bigoted perspective of that advocated by Objective Reader, but from an understanding of the diversity of Islam and its independent expression of a genuine desire for peace.
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  4. This is a vitally important book that reveals the real depths of Islam; showing a rich faith worthy of respect, and even emulation. The Islam explained in this book is centered on mercy, patience, tolerance and the deepest regard for other lives. The author informs us that the greatness of God, the well known “Allahu Akbar”, is demonstrated within acts of wisdom and compassion. Thus, true power within Islam is gained through achieving these qualities and becoming a beacon through those means. The model of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad, is the exemplar of such qualities. This is truly an eye opening book on the most important subject of the day.
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  5. @Hakanson, Objective Reader- Bawa Muhaiyaddeen’s wisdom is just as important after 9/11 as it was before. Sufi or not, he was a Muslim. People often ask where are the moderate and progressive Muslims. It isn’t fair to shut them down just because they have too much adab to shout. They speak quietly and pray Allah will find hearts willing to listen. We moderates and progressives are speaking, but we will not force anyone to listen.

    @Abyss- Its a cycle fueled by hatred and fear. I can’t blame anyone for being so angry at what happened on 9/11, they hate Islam. Many use comment boxes to engage in verbal warfare. Peace is the answer. Martin Luther King knew it; Gandhi knew it; Bawa Muhaiyaddeen knew it. Sufis scrub away at the nafs (ego) and learn that love is the best weapon against bigots. Please keep speaking out. Its not hopeless. Martin Luther King refused to embrace violence and now we have our first African American president.

    @ both Anonymouses :) -Allahu Akbar means nothing is greater than God. To shout it hatefully like terrorists do makes no sense to me. God has many names in Islam. They reflect His Qualities. Among them Salaam (The Peace), Wadud (The Love), Rahman and Rahim (The Compassionate and Merciful), Rauf (The Kind). We must reflect these qualities and know that hatred doesn’t belong to Allah. It is from the dark side. We can heal it with Nur (The Light), Haqq (The Truth).

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