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Islam in Focus

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Newest available publication of this now famous book, thoroughly updated and edited, approved for sale by the Abdulati family. Published by amana publications. This book is the most popular written document on Islam. With its living and resourceful style, the book addresses both the young educated and the adult intellectual in a scholarly yet fresh and simple mode of thinking and presentation.

Islam in Focus


  1. While scholars are trying to discern the identity of the four (perhaps five) authors of the Pentateuch – the first five books in the Old Testament, some people still believe their uneducated church elders who claim that Prophet Moses wrote them instead. In fact, these books as they exist today in the Old Testament, are nothing but “hadith” – hearsay accounts of what Moses had said that were written much later by others (see Richard Elliot Friedman’s “Who Wrote the Bible?”).

    New Testament Scholars, as well, are trying to figure what is authentic and what is bogus in the New Testament after the Romans did their hatchet job on Scripture at Nycaea (see Malcolm Muggeridge’s “The End of Christendom”). Added to this are the thousands of mistakes made by scribes – some intententional, that have made their way into current translations such as the King James Bible (see Bart D. Ehrman’s “Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why”). And we have learned that books are missing – books like the Gospel According to Thomas and According to Barnabus. But most pointedly, where is the Gospel of Jesus According to Jesus? Much of this mischief is rooted in the Roman takeover of Christianity.

    Why would God leave us without unadulterated guidance? What to do?

    That’s where Hammudah Abdalti’s book is a like a breath of fresh air – where a truly honest reading of God’s Last Testament, titled the Recitation, has resulted in evidence that God did leave us with untainted Guidance. About the changes to the Bible that the Romans did, the Last Testament addresses those and tells you what is bogus and what is not. It tells you how to call on those who follow those adulterated accounts (People of the Book, i.e. Jews and Christians) to return to true guidance and worship of God. If a Jew or Christian wants to know what pure worship of God is all about without the Pagan influences of Rome, then the Last Testament is the one to check out: “He has revealed to you the Book, confirming the scriptures which preceded it; for He has already revealed the Law [Given to Moses] and the Gospel [Given to Jesus] for the guidance of men, and the distinction between right and wrong”(Last Testament 3:2). The Law Given to Moses is missing from the Old Testament, save the “hadith” or hearsay accounts of it. And the Gospel Given to Jesus is missing from the New Testament, save four hearsay accounts. But the Last Testament is clear.

    Abdalati, a sociology professor from Canada, is excellent at explaining the Last Testament and how to apply its guidance to everyday life and family matters. Many people who follow the guidance of the Last Testament refer to themselves today as Muslims, which means “of submission to God”. But many who call themselves Muslims are in fact not of submission to God, but are “mu-Shaytaan” (of submission to Satan) or “mu-nafiq” (of submission to hypocrisy) or “mu-jahil” (of submission to ignorance). Most are mujahil – they don’t even know what they are saying when recitating the same prayer 17 times daily during their five worship periods. That equals = no guidance. Abdalati addresses this ignorance in his book and explains how to apply Submission to God (Islaam) to one’s life and familial relations. It is an excellent sociological account of Islamic life for Muslims and will help to address the Dark Age that Muslims have descended into along with the rest of Christendom.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. From beginning to end, this is a great overview and introductory view of islam and its practices. Easy to understand english. It also covers the belifs and clarifies misconceptions about islam. From who is God to family relationships in the Muslim household. I specially recomend this book because it is not a long book, it has the essentials of Islam. Great!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. This book answers questions you might have about the religion that finds so much mention and so little understanding today. If you are a serious student, you need to put aside most of what you have learnt about Islam from the media. Then begin with this book. […]

    It is better to combine this book with a good translation of the Quran, like that of Yusuf Ali. However the book from Jeffrey Lang is useless. Save your money.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. Islam in Focus was the first books (aside from the Quaran) that actually broke the religion down for me. I gained so much knowledge from this book. Everything from why it is important to fast, to the signifigance of women in Isalm. It address some of the many misconceptionf of the religion along also. This book is the best book a “revert” can ever come across. I highly reccomend it.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. This book explains all the basics of Islam in a factual, non preachy and very readable way. It is an invaluable tool whether you are a non-Muslim wishing to learn about Islam or a new Muslim needing information not just on the teachings of Islam but also the practical daily basics such as ablution (wudu) and ritual prayers (salat).

    Highly recommended indeed.
    Rating: 5 / 5


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