The Family Structure in Islam

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Family Structure in Islam by Hammudah Abd al Ati is a comprehensive and scholarly look at the family unit in Islam, from its conception via marriage, to children s rights, to rights and roles of the partners that make for a successful team. The learned author also squarely confronts more touching issues such as polygamy, modes of divorce, social equality, and inheritance laws.

The Family Structure in Islam

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  1. Prof. Abd Al Ati, has produced an excellent book for readers of all backgrounds about an institution that is slowly losing its potency in modern society.

    As with his other works, Abd Al Ati is methodical and thorough. The references in this book provide a rich library of literature that the reader or researcher can pursue in order to gain a greater appreciation of the family and to see how Islam sought or seeks to try and protect and maintain the family and its importance for a harmonious society.

    This book is highly recommended reading.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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