Dubai Tourist Arrivals affected due to events in Middle East

Middle East events affect tourism in Dubai

The recent events taking place in the middle east and Libya have left a mixed impact on tourism. The total arrival of the people at Dubai airport although has not decreased as such but the tour companies are facing cancellations and the future bookings have shown decrease.

The DTCM’s media relations team created a webinar on 15th March for travel media to give an update about the state of tourism in Dubai the have shown exceptionally positive news about the forth coming events for tourism in Dubai.

According to DTCM, Dubai visitors have exceeded 8.5 million globally this past year. There was also an increase in hotel capacity which remained at an average of 70%. An additional 9500 rooms came available, making around currently 71,000 rooms available.

When spoken to some safari providers in Dubai they have seen 30% decrease in the safari bookings, however the efforts of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) it is expected that this short fall of tourist arrival will be covered immediately.

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