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The Jordan Tourism Board increases GCC presence by opening Dubai office

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The Jordan Tourism Board (JTB)Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) has strengthened its commitment and presence in the Middle East with the appointment of a permanent GCC representation office provided by the Mohamed Al Geziry Consultancy based in Dubai.

This partnership has been forged to deliver JTBJTB‘s marketing strategies and goals in the region, to further promote Jordan’s diverse and exciting product and to reflect its true image as a rich and diverse destination for history, religion, archaeology, business, health and wellness, cultural heritage and adventure.

The Kingdom has long captivated visitors of various interests with its many iconic attractions including Petra, which is one of the world’s seven wonders, and the Dead Sea, which is the lowest spot on earth.

Jordan Tourism Board Managing Director Nayef H. Al-Fayez said “We are truly excited about the appointment of Mohamed Al Geziry Consultancy, whom we are confident that with their well established presence and solid expertise and relationships in the market will greatly assist us in strengthening the positioning of Jordan as a destination of choice for both Arab Nationals and Expatriates alike

Al-Fayez added that JTBJTB‘s strategy in the GCC will focus on strengthening trade awareness through actively participating in trade fairs, workshops, road shows, joint trade promotions and events in the region as well as hosting trade media FAM trips. Our strategy to increase Consumer Awareness will be through the development of niche segments, targeted PR, Consumer advertising and promotions.

Mohamed Al Geziry Consultancy General Manager, Julie Muirhead, said “We are truly delighted to be representing Jordan in the Middle East. Jordan has grown as a highly desired destination with unique attractions, yet still has a large untapped potential to exploit as Middle East travellers become more aware of the diversity offered by the destination with its ease of access and short travel distance.”

“Jordan offers a unique range of natural landscapes, cultural and religious attractions in addition to its wide range of health wellness, entertainment and tour experiences. All of this in a safe, attractive and friendly environment where families and friends can freely explore and experience the very best that Jordan has to offer” says Muirhead.

“Jordan as a year round destination caters to all types of discerning travellers from the Middle East in both the leisure and business sectors.” advised Muirhead.


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