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Dubai Open Chess Championship an Intellectual Diversion

Slick, exciting and glamorous, Dubai is the Middle Eastern capital of splendor. Everything about the emirate is outrageously over-sized, from the monolithic skyscrapers to the shopping discounts. The very cosmopolitan city offers an exotic blend of traditional and western lifestyles that hooks tourists from the outset. The city has a vibrant nightlife, with plenty of night spots to choose from, and plenty of opportunities for adventure with activities ranging from sand skiing to dune bashing. There are a multitude of tourist attractions, shopping malls and local landmarks to see, and as many things to do.

There is always something going on in Dubai. During the month of April it is the Dubai Open Chess Championship. The game of chess has a long standing reputation as the sport of intellectuals. To foster such minds the Dubai Chess and Culture Club was established. As typical of anything in Dubai, the club happens to be the largest dedicated chess club in the world, and the Dubai Open Chess Championship is one of the biggest chess events on the planet. Fans of the game are sure to enjoy the tense atmosphere that permeates the hall as two grandmasters face each other.

In 2011, the 13th edition of the event saw around 170 participants from about 33 countries. Close to 50 grandmasters took part in the tournament, with Sasikaran the top seeded grandmaster winning the championship. Those who missed the event this time around can always catch next year’s tournament, which promises more action and excitement. The Dubai Chess and Culture Club’s main objective is to cater to the mind, and its large library services both members as well as visitors. Also open to visitors are the clubs billiards and snooker room and cafeteria.


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