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Oman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai reveal united Arabian road show – e

As reported first by e-Travel Blackboard, Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA), Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) and Sultanate of Oman Tourism have joined forced down under to promote tourism into the Arabian Peninsula.

Hitting the road from 5 September, the road show will travel through six Australian cities and regional towns and present the beauties and diversity of the region to local agents.

DTCM director Julie King explained that despite possessing “individual appeal and attractions” the three destinations “packed together” offer “a truly unique and diverse holiday proposition”.

“Most people do not realise that Dubai is just a short hour drive from the capital Abu Dhabi,” Sultanate of Oman Tourism Australia and New Zealand manager Mona Tannous said.

“To travel to the border of Oman is a further one and a half hours from Dubai, or four hours to Muscat.

“Separated by a diverse landscape that includes rolling sand dunes, spectacular mountain ranges and beautiful wadi’s (waterholes), even the journey between the three destinations is something to enjoy.”

Kicking off in Geelong on 5 September this year, the road show will follow through to Canberra, Adelaide, Mackay, Gold Coast and Coffs Harbour.

“To ensure that travellers enjoy a unique and authentic experience, we are working closely with Dubai and Oman Tourism to promote the Arabian Peninsula as a holiday destination in its own right,” Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority Australia country manager Vera Huntink concluded.

A DTCM spokesperson told e-Travel Blackboard that the three destinations are working together to target regional cities but DTCM would prepare an individual road show for major cities next year.


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