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Dubai Emerging As A Mature Tourism

The National has published an interesting article about the boom of tourism in Dubai this year. Many people relate the increase in number of tourists in Dubai to the unrest in the Arab world however there is an other factor that can be the main cause of increase in tourism in Dubai and that is the increase of options to see in Dubai.

Dubai is not any more a shopping destination it has matured from mere 2 days shopping to the luxury beach travel desert adventures and also the remarkable Burj Khalifa is attracting a lot of people to come to Dubai.

In my own capacity as a tour-operator I have seen many different type of tourist coming to Dubai. There was a time the numbers of tourists counted were mainly just the transit passengers from south Asia, than came the time when we had lot of Europeans started to come and as the economy of the western countries was shaking a slump came. This slump it self has managed to be a learning curve for the Industry Dubai hotels have realized that they just cant keep increasing prices.

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The touroperators managed to get themselves organized and now are able to offer more professional tour services. Even the guides have been able to understand that the time is not always the same and now they must give good service to stay in the job hence the Industry has not been matured and is ready to accept more tourists.

Tourists come to another country for pleasure as well as for learning the new cultures and new systems. Dubai has now developed enough infra structure and also enoug of its high paced history which attracts people towards it.

I remember I used call Dubai “Concrete Paradise” that implieng that there was no substance in it there was no natural development in it. Now I can not say that any more. I am now myself developing new tour packages which are centered towards showing people the culture of Emirates and also history geography and the huge success in building the remarkable buildings like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and Ibne Batuta mall etc. Recently in our company we have started a new tour called Islam awareness tour that tries to show people how Muslims live their life and what are the teachings of Islam. In about 6 hours we are able to give enough material to a tourists that he or she can go home and actually can talk about the basics of Islam.

Similarly another half day city tour has also been developed that gives people a taste of traditional culture of Dubai. We take people to old areas of Dubai let them taste the spices and offer them traditional Lunch or breakfast at a special Arabian restaurant.

There are now ques at Burj Khalifa for entrance tickets just like at the Colosseum in Rome or any other place. People now come to Dubai not just to shop or to sat 2 days in transit but now its a full length tourist destination which need atleast 7 days to explore it.


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