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UAE National Day Celebrations – 2011

In a night full of surprises, the Government of Dubai Department of Tourism Commerce Marketing (DTCM) Australia New Zealand Representative Office and Emirates Airlines celebrated the 40th anniversary
of the UAE National Day with His Excellency, Al Nuaimi UAE Ambassador to Australia New Zealand.

The Shangri La Hotel last night attracted key industry personnel who were invited to participate in the
traditional Arabic stick dance with His Excellency.

The event celebrated the UAE National Day as it marks the UAE’s formal independence from the UK and
the unification of the seven cities that formed the United Arab Emirates in 1971.

Julie King of Dubai Tourism announced that visitor numbers from Australia have grown 35 percent in the
last quarter and 16 percent year to date.

The UAE National day is officially on the 2nd of December and reflects on the spirit that ties the people of the UAE together, the spirit that binds the cosmopolitan community of the UAE, connecting them under one banner, one flag, but with many voices. It is the Spirit of the Union that celebrates the culture and heritage, and yet shapes the future of the UAE.


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