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Emirates-Qantas partnership will increase tourism activities for Dubai

Abu Dhabi, April 02nd, 2013 (WAM) — The Emirates-Qantas partnership, which took off yesterday, means increased retail and tourism activities as well as freight operations for Dubai, commented a UAE daily.

“The partnership will help boost Dubai’s economy as well as reinforce its position as the world’s second biggest international aviation hub”, said local English language daily, GulfNews, in its editorial today.

It also readjusts the so-called “kangaroo route” between major European and Australian destinations, by cutting travel time by a few hours and with just one stop – in Dubai. So far, Emirates and a few other Gulf carriers have been expanding this route. The Qantas-Emirates deal will re-energise this.

“The partnership allows a wider choice for European and Australian travellers – both in terms of frequency and geographical reach. The deal will help boost passenger traffic through Dubai International Airport and the emirate’s tourism industry”, the paper added.

For Qantas, this deal will play a crucial role in reviving its fortunes, while for Emirates, this will help it maximise its seat inventories and manage its growing capacity with an increased number of passengers from Down Under and Europe. That way, both airlines can reap rich dividends in a challenging and competitive global aviation environment.

“This deal also stands out as a shining example of how such partnerships can contribute to both economies by creating a win-win situation for all, including passengers”, the paper concluded.


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