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Dubai Family Health Festival During DSF

DUBAI – A month-long Family Health Festival has been launched by (DSF) Dubai Shopping Festival as part of its ongoing activities. The Family Health event aims at generating awareness among people of health problems such as diabetes, blood pressure and obesity. 


Free health check-ups, talks, games and discount vouchers, among other incentives, are being offered at areas where there are crowds to acquaint the visitors about potential health risks.

“Change in lifestyles and current economic and social pressures lead to several health-related problems which normally lie dormant and are often detected too late. Public education is of prime importance. DSF undoubtedly provides a great leverage to disseminate vital information on health and well-being. We hope this initiative will go a long way in doing just that,” said Dr Ayesha Abdullah, Senior Vice-President of Dubai Health Care City.   

DSF Info Via SMS

For information about DSF events taking place in specific locations, send an SMS stating the category type to 4488. For example, for the schedule of events taking place in The Walk Jumeirah Beach Residence in Arabic, a user only needs to type “DSF A WALK”. To receive the same information in English, the user should type “DSF E WALK”. Other category types include, SIGN for signature events; SEEF for Al Seef Road events; FREEJ for Freej Activities; SHOWS for Performance & shows; FAZZA for Fazza Championships and CONCERT for concerts.


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