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Shortest, longest fasting days in UAE during Ramadan 2019

The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department at Government of Dubai called on all residents of Burj Khalifa and other tall towers to mind the time difference depending on the floor they are living on.

Apparently, it has become a popular fact in recent year that Dubai’s skyscraper residents have to fast slightly longer than others, up to 6 minutes more before breaking their fast.

The department issued a circular saying that residents who stay between 60th and 120th floor will fast for 4 minutes more than others in Dubai.

The time difference at such heights will result in dawn prayers being held 2 minutes earlier than the rest of Dubai, and will delay sunset and evening prayers by another 2 minutes.

Moreover, the department added that people who live on 121st floor and higher, will have to fast 6 minutes more, as the dawn prayer will be 3 minutes earlier, and sunset and evening prayers will be 3 minutes later than normal timings on the ground below.

The Ramadan calendar prepared by the department revealed that the shortest fasting period will be on the first day of Ramadan, as the dawn prayer will be at 4:16 AM, and sunset prayer at 6:55PM.

On the other hand, the longest fasting period will be on the last day of Ramadan, where the dawn prayer will be at 4:59 AM and sunset at 7:09PM.


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