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Dubai leads the world on recovery from Coronavirus, Metro opens with Guidlines

Dubai Metro Restarts With New Stickers Giving Safety Advices To Contain The Spread of COVID-19

As Dubai Metro resumes operations from Sunday, 26 April, Dubai Government has installed new safety and etiquette signage across public transport to raise awareness of essential health and safety procedures to contain the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

In addition to Dubai Metro, the new signs educating people on preventive measure will be installed across all public transport modes including buses and taxis.

The new signage uses icons and colours to educate the public about the importance of preventive practices, such as wearing masks and observing social distancing. It also promotes good practices such as wearing gloves, using sterilisers and hand-washing.

There are two types of signs displayed at all entry and exit points of metro and bus stations as well as public transit means, taxis and public facilities. The first is obligatory and comprises four icons, namely: No Sitting (on some seats of public transit means and facilities), Two Passengers Only (in taxis and limousines), Leave Safe Distance (in closed areas), and Wear Mask (in all places). The second is educative and includes three icons: Use Gloves, Medical Santisers, and Wash Hands.

The Roads and Transport Authority is fixing 170,000 stickers bearing the new icons in various means and stations of public transport such as Dubai Metro, public buses, taxis, limousines and customer happiness centres.


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