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Dubai Tourism assures hospitality sector is ‘healthy’

Dubai Tourism & Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism DTCM) has refuted reports that up to 30% of the UAE’s hospitality workforce will lose their jobs, adding that the emirate’s hospitality sector is healthy. According to sister publication Arabian Business, Dubai Tourism made the assurance in response to a recent report from Bloomberg.

Citing statistics from STR Global, Bloomberg reported that 43,000 hotel rooms – approximately a third of the emirate’s total keys – will remain closed until September. In an interview with Bloomberg, STR MEA director Phillip Wooller said he believes up to 40,000 or 30% of those in the industry will become jobless.

In response, a Dubai Tourism spokesperson has said: “Contrary to Bloomberg’s assertion, Dubai’s hospitality businesses are resuming operations based on issued government reopening guidelines during this pandemic,”

“Dubai’s hotel sector is healthy and this prudent approach prepares the industry for an even stronger resurgence post-Covid,” the spokesperson added.

This is the second time this week that Dubai has refuted a report from Bloomberg, earlier this week state-owned Emirates Airline denied claims it plans to cut 30,000 people from its workforce.


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