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Best Wedding Dresses

Best Wedding Dresses

Every year in New York and other major cities, high fashion and fashion shows gather thousands of premium clothing fans. You can see models in the best dresses on the catwalks, sewn from the most expensive and comfortable materials. The best collections of high fashion captivate the eye and dictate the fashion trends for the next few years.


At the last fashion shows in New York, there were models presented by the world’s leading designers and couturiers: Iris Van Herpen, Daniel Roseberry, Adutha Akech, and others. Today, creative designs of dresses and casual wear are coming into fashion. You can see that the haute couture dresses presented on the catwalks of the world are distinguished by airiness, extravagance, and lightness. In many models, there is the image of flowers and other natural products. 


The haute couture week’s real breakthrough was the clothes designed by fashion designers of the famous New York fashion house Farah Nuz. 


Farah Nuz has several collections that are considered excellent by fashion lovers. Fashion designers designed several collections of formal gowns, casual dresses, evening gowns, and the best wedding gown.


A collection of haute couture dresses called Train Gown caused a great stir. These models are presented in several colors: pink and soft turquoise. The peculiarity of this collection is a fitted form and ostrich feathers decorating the dress. On the back, you can see a V-neckline, which adds extravagance.


If a girl has a wedding coming up, she wants to look stunning at the celebration. She needs the best wedding dress, which will emphasize her figure. Such a collection is presented by the fashion house Farah Naz. Crystals Wedding Gown has an off-white color. The inner silk lining is nicely fitted to the body. There are a lot of crystal beads on the dress. All the details were created entirely by hand, which increases the value of this high fashion dress.


The best haute couture collections also include casual jumpsuits. The Embroidered Lace Jumpsuit collection from the fashion house FARAH NAZ New York is a benchmark of business casual style. The white jumpsuit has transparent sleeves whose pattern resembles the leaves of trees or plants. This emphasizes the fashion trend towards nature and naturalness. The snow-white lining of the jumpsuit is very soft and comfortable. 


Embroidered Pleated Dress is another model with embroidery and inserts. The peculiarity of this collection is a soft pink color, an invisible zipper on the back, fitted form, and airy sleeves. Such high fashion dresses can be worn not only for important events and meetings but also for walks. 


Another interesting collection of haute couture dresses is the Chantilly French Lace Gown. This is one of the few dark dresses that attract the attention of girls and men. Some Haute couture French Lace Gowns are sewn in the USA and the fabric is imported from France. Beads and French lace were used to design this collection of clothing. All the sewing work was done by hand by craftsmen, which adds value to such clothes.


The current haute couture collections are very interesting in terms of presentation and design. Most importantly, many dresses from Haute Сouture Сollections can be ordered inexpensively with delivery within the United States and other countries. 








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